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75 Gremlin AWD Snow Plow

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Hi guys,

back with a new built, the last one from this year !!! The one I know you were all waiting for : the Gremlin 4X4 Snow Plow !!!!! It's a long time project that I start last year I think, than I loose "faith" in finishing it. And finally get back to it to finish before the end of 2015 !!! Lots of "first" for me in this built !!!! : First in real dirty body, first in rust work all around, but not too much as it was suppose to be in order to "work", first attempt with weathering set.... Suspension parts came from a Esci CJ7 Jeep... Snow Plow stuff from the Revell GMC.

The original idea came in my head like this : what would it be if the AMC guy have mix the Jeep suspension and AWD system on a Gremlin ? And there it is..... Still need some weathering here and there but you will judge !!! 

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COOL build!! Glad it's not a REAL Gremlin!!! But cool model!! 

PS...glad to see those decals used...I did the art for them!! Fun seeing them! 

I didn't know that you work on these decals !!! there great, lot's of possibilities !!!! ;) Thanks for the nce comments !! ;)

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Very cool! And not far from reality with the advent of the AWD Spirits too! I would suggest raising the plow headlights a bit. In use they would be too low and with the plow raised they would shine on the back of the plow. They should be able to shine over the top of the plow when it is raised. Just put my own plow on my truck for the first time this year and had to adjust the lights! Nice build!

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