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68 charger gasser , final assembly


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removed the pillar in the center of the scoop , looks better

sanded and filed the center rod of the hinge in the bumpers shape , the material was thick but the bumper has a indentation in the center so i went through the material , no worry thee is no rod there inside

made a brace frame from parts of a ho train scale grane silo thing

sides next to the hinges rough shaped

made a plate from hard plastic

rough bono-ed in shape .. will become one piece with the front

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thnx james , well lots of people have asked me what that is .. its only available here in holland .. its just a big rattle can from a diy store called gamma ..

its their own brand rattle cans ... here in holland modelbuilders call it "gamma chrome" not how its called for real...

it sys its silver metallic .. but it turns out like this ....not real chrome .. not silver its a bit in betwene ...

its handy because you have a hudge can , always ready for spraying ... its sprays without any wrinkles .. this stuff > you can not spray wrong , the worst person thinkable could not screw this up .. weirdly you can spray it very thick also

Duplicolor and Rustoleum Chrome sprays look just like this.   -Great work by the way!

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Duplicolor and Rustoleum Chrome sprays look just like this.   -Great work by the way!

i didnt know that , i found sometthing new , didnt buy it yet , rattle can with real chrome .. like how the chrome looks out of the kit .. it should look like that ..

Your detail, imagination and design are remarkable. Love following along with this one!

thnx  lot !!

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thnx a lot gene ... and creative .. hmmm i always try to make stuff out of ... other stuff .. not meaning modelbuilding ... i need that in life , yes i have creativity tht needs to come out , sadly i cant use it in my job .. so i need to find other ways .. before moddeling i was a very active member in the virtual carmodding world .... a bit like modelbuilding but them virtual .. i switched to this because hands on is just so much better ...

beside that i always need to build stuff and tinker with stuff lol ...


well just gave the bondo-ed part on the bmper and hinge .. a good rough sand .. needs to harder more now for some finesanding .. i usully put this bondo on and let it cure for a few hours then file and sand .. so when its real hard i dont have to sand for ages ..

the second hinge point will sit on the chassis , the tube is actually a ball point pen rod where the ink sits in ... now i want to mold that into the chassis so it doesnt look like a stuck on rod .. like i did on the front clip .. where i wanted it to be blended in and the rods showing ..

now i shoud be abbe to build a radiator that fits in the gap between the hinge rods and make it so it clears on opening and closing .. btw i need to design some sort of stop to hold the front going to far forward .. this is because its a double hinge .. set one fixed and the other still turns ..

the body ... i want to primer it so badly .. but i'm waighting .. i have a fresh can of primer and i want to prime the lot at ounce .

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thnx guys !!


color wise i'm thinking a vobrant color metallic.. my feeling says green metallic , like the real pretty deep green ... or ....orange metallic ..

i even played with  theme idea , not going to do it .. but like take the general lee idea .. but change the flag ...and name it general gasser ..

but again  keeping it more normal .. just a gorgeous color with a black ass stripe

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thnx dann !


cleaned up the front its pretty smooth now

windows ......

i just cut a rear window out of a ferrari rear window , keeping those vent like things .. i think it  looks cool

did some final shaping on the edges on the front window , this one is cut out of  bmw windscreen

now downside is ...i have a tiny edge on both the front and back window for gluing it in place ... and this after primer and paint , so not sure how i'm going to get the glass in and keep it looking crisp ....hmmmmmm

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whell that went bad quick ..

i made a plate against the glass to glue on the inside of the roof, managed to avoid glue marks only one small thing on the top edge and since i wanted it perfect i made a window banner from the decal that gos on the rear end  .. at that point i wanted to spray clear over it but the plate i made broke off ...

after a few attempts i gave up and cut a new window out of a nother window , didnt want to use that earlyer because the material was superthin .. managed to cut it to size without breaking .

then when sanding the edges it broke anyway ....


last option was a window i had from a chevy ss .. now that was something i got for free , very incomplete but i have the body , hood , bumpers and glass .. so i wanted to make something out of that in the future ...

but now i had to use the glass from that .. now scary it fitted like it was made for the charger .. even the side windows ... again scary .. it was a poor cast .. glass was clear but lots of flash on the edges ..


after a good clean up it came out nice , side windows sit perfect .. now the thickness is a bit hmmmm .. but i'm going to make a window pillar from brass so that will hide the fact the side glass looks thick



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made some brackets on the rear axle .. and a side support between the chassis , put 2 bars between those ..


now i kind of winged it on this .. old style ladderbars didnt fit the set up really ... maybe the bars are a bot thin .. i tried thick bars but that made it kind of too beefy ..

so i hope it kind of makes sense ? now the leaf springs are from the charger kit .. those are quite large and beefy .. fitted best with what i had .. then i have added 2 shocks so i figured the bars could be thinnen and more like extra bracing to keep it in line ?


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thnx guys and gene .. yes ...hmm but like said i figured with the beefy leaf springs , shocks it would be more of a extra .. i have an idea , cant get the pins out glued with superglue , but if i would use the right ball point penn filling wich is hollow , and the right thickness .. cut it open in length i could push it over the steel rods and glue in place , the cut seem at the bottom you might not see that ..

will get back to that

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