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'36 Ford 3-Window Traditional Rod


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I've just completed this '36 Rod using the coupe roof from a Revell/Monogram kit and adapting it to a diecast stock roadster 'derelict parts car'.

The Revell/Monogram kit, while attractive looking,  has the deck proportion too short and the Danbury coupe model has the deck proportion too long. Since I already had a couple of derelict FM roadster bodies in my parts bin, I decided to adapt the plastic kit's  roof to the roadster body, separating the door detail to facilitate opening doors,  all to make a hot rod with what I think are improved. proportions. The adapting of the plastic roof to the metal body required mechanically fastening the plastic with stiff styrene coated wire to insure that the epoxy glue wasn't the only joiner.

 I used a small block Chevy motor from my parts bin (detailed with the usual wiring, plumbing, fuel lines and tri-carb linkage) as well as an Oldsmobile rear axle (from the Revell Beatnik Bandit) and fabricated a new transverse spring from individual leaves (sheet aluminum) as well as the shackles, etc.  The wheels are modified from the Beatnik-Bandit (mounted on tires from my parts bin), all the trim is done with plated jewelry wire, interior carpet is tan felt, and the paint is custom mixed Pthalo-green over pearl automotive basecoat/clearcoat.









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Another beautifully turned out model in the tastefully conservative style that is so emphatically yours. Especially welcome this time around is the more detailed discussion, not only about how you achieve the results that you do, but the thought process behind why you do it. Crossing with ease between the worlds of plastic and metal greatly expands your pallet and gives you options we styrene and resin purists simply do not have. Food for thought to us... Thanks for sharing!

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Wow, very nice work as always! Combining metal and plastic on the body is definitely not easy, but this looks just right. Excellent color choice and those wheels and tires fit perfectly to this one. Great work again!

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