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Wow, fantastic builds from everyone...very impressive guys B)!

Here's one from me, a '70 Mach 1 with a right hand drive conversion which was quite easy to do, it's based on a friends 1/1 





how did you get the woodgrain look like that on the dash if ya dont mind me asking. And I just noticed it was right hand drive thats cool

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Hey Todd, the kit comes with woodgrain decals for the dash, very flimsy I might add too!

Put it this way the decal for the instrument cluster was that flimsy it fell apart...so I painted it ;)

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As much as I LOVE Mustangs I haven't really built any... not sure why. Most of them are older builds. 

USAirfix snapfit Mustang that I turned into an 82 GT Turbo


Revell 90 LX drag car


Revell 99 Cobra built for a friend


Revell Mustang II street machine


And here's the old stuff


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Brother to the Mustang - 1971 Cougar XR7

I built in 1974 when I was 14. My most detailed build I've ever done. Note the Coors beer can on the glove-compartment door. Air lines for the air-shocks too. wow, no one does that anymore.







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Here's a rare one. A 1978 King Cobra optioned Mustangcanontest029-vi.jpgcanontest042-vi.jpg

I love this one ! I bought a new one back in 1978 in California. I just happned to be at the dealer when it was being delivered. I was doing paperwork before it was unloaded .

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