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I had planned on painting this pearl white with a black frame and black and white interior but after spraying the base coat of white and the frame black it just wasn't working for me. After staring at it for awhile I started looking through my stash for some inspiration and knocked a AMT engine parts pack and a sheet of BMF off the shelf just I spotted my unbuilt Rat Fink model. I decided to go with more of an un-finished look rather than a true rat rod, hence the complete interior and some chrome and clean paint. I had to have a crazy Rat Fink shifter and I wanted a ridiculous engine. The 421 Pontiac posed a couple of issues, there is no water pump or alternator, and no water hose inlet on the intake so I had to move the belt drive for the blower forward, make a water pump, alternator, pulleys, brackets, drive belt, and hoses. By the time I did all that, in order to get the radiator close to where I wanted it I hade to notch the firewall. I would have liked to have moved the engine back a little more but I would have had to redo the transmission tunnel and I didn't want to fool with that. The radiator support rods are guitar string, the shift rod is a paper clip and I didn't want to fight with the kit "eye" decal for the shift knob so I painted my own. The drive shaft had to be lengthened so I used some aluminum tube and the fuel line and plug wires are beading wire. I'm pretty happy with it although if I were to build this again I would probably use a 427 SOHC engine and brace the frame. Of course that would require some major surgery to fit.

IMG 1451a

IMG 1452a

IMG 1453a

IMG 1457a

IMG 1438a

IMG 1439a

IMG 1440a

IMG 1441a

IMG 1442a

IMG 1443a

IMG 1444a

IMG 1446a

IMG 1447a

IMG 1448a

IMG 1450a

I'm not much of a hot rod guy but I do like this model. I am curious why it came with a 4 speed shifter and an automatic transmission. I'm also wondering if anybody has used the rusty decals that come with the kit.

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The bare metal looks really good. How did you do it?

Nice. How did you get the bare metal finish?

I covered the whole thing with BMF one panel at a time, then lightly sanded with different light to medium grit sanding sticks, then I used some black, rust, and steel washes, then some more sanding.

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This is just about the best "bare metal" model I've ever seen. The weathering effects on the entire car are awesome realistic and the use of the parts pack Pontiac is totally sweet. Being heavily involved in full scale hot rodding, I've seen quite a few rods being driven around in a state just like this. 


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