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Pittman 41 Willys


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After a total cock up with the paint (I'm new to airbrushing..), which resulted in wet sanding back to primer, I figured out by how much I needed to thin decanted spray paint.

 I'm reasonably happy with it, except there was a warp in the chassis that only reared its ugly head during final assembly. Therefore, the bug catcher fouls the side of the hood opening. Oh well. Another lesson learned.

 I added a throttle arm, spring and some fuel lines, to give the engine a bit of detail. 

I used AK interactive true metal paint on some parts. It's very good.







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Thanks chaps.

 I'm glad you like it 

It was a good test bed, for my airbrush skills.

I thought this kit was very nice. The body looks spot on, to my eye.

 I might get another one and open the doors and trunk (but I have so many other projects to do, first!)

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That looks amazing.


Ive been wanting to build a few gassers for my shelf.

this one, The blue Stone , Woods and Cook car and John Mazmanians candy apple red car

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