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C1 resin Camaro project


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I recently got this in a trade deal with Quick GMC! It’s C1 Resins 67 side body Camaro. I thought of going stock Camaro chassis under it and decided to go NASCAR. As most of you know I like my stuff low!! It gives them an attitude when the chin looks like it scraping pavement!! 

I’m thinking of going Big Block with either 8 injectors or twin turbo into a dual plenum!?!? Anyway, onto the pics so far!!!

tell me whatcha think so far!!!





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Sorry David but yeah ya could if bought one!! 

Hey Greg! How ya been my friend?? Hope all is well at home! 

Thanks to the rest of ya’s!!! 

I was thinking and not sure if it could be done, but my idea was to paint the car in Tangelo, lay down the white racing stripes and mist a coat or two of the Tangelo over creating ghost racing stripes!!?? I don’t think I’d want to try shooting over decals so it would have to be done in paint!! 

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Been working on chassis in smoothing it out and filling in needed holes, hood is better fitted and bulged up a bit to fit intake and such, fitting interior door panels and dash lately! 

Not much to show in pics but it is making progress!!! I’ll take some fresh pics soon!!

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19 hours ago, Mr. Metallic said:

Hey Kerry, maybe mess around with two different base coats to make your ghost stripes. Depending on the pigment of your Tangelo, it may be effected by the base coat. try it on spoons first

Good idea Craig!!! Will try it when I get that far!  I know I’ve seen guys on here do the spoon test! I’ll have to pick me up some!!  Lol Hope all is well with the family!!

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