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62 F100 Prostreet

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Superb job, super clean and rare subject...I love that!!!  I share the same feeling as you regarding the subject to be chosen for the next built and the rarity of the subject!  I live at the other end of the country but it's pleasant to be reunited at the same place sharing the same passion!  Keep doing your amazing job, you are a great builder!!!

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Wow! Thanks Francis! Its a hobby, its a passion, its an illusion, its a dream!!! like most of us, we build to satisfy something "we all wish" was in the driveway! Kinda Gear Heads is scale?? Thank you so much for appreciating my dream ride!!!

Thanks Maple Leaf!!


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Thanks all for the kind words. Every project you complete you learn something new and develop new idea's and skills. This Forum proves that!! The truck was a real head scratcher. Shelved many times! But learned a ton from that project. Now if I could only build like Clay Kemp,.....that's my motivation!!

1st photo taken, kinda thinkin it might come together???

Keep this great hobby going!!!


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This model checks all of the boxes! Unibody Ford, check. Pro street, check. Perfect stance, check. Killer paint, check. Awesome detail, check. Minus points on the Chevy pieces, kidding! I actually like the Chevy dash. It gives the interior a completely different look. Excellent work!

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