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AMT Trophy Series Deuce 5 window Box Art Replica Updated 1/1/2019

Dave Darby

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I've had the parts for this build floating around for close to 20 years, and early this year, finally started on it. I've long admired the work of early AMT box artist Al Borst, and this bronze 32 5 window is one of my faves.

Here is my initial mockup

4vi1-vi (1).jpg

20180208_211859-vi (1).jpg

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Now one thing I've learned from early AMT box art is box art isn't always the same as box stock. The 40 Ford Coupe is a prime example. In this case, the AMT front frame horns are too short, and lack a spreader bar. So with pieces from two junk chassis...

20180221_203724-vi (2).jpg

20180221_210418-vi (1).jpg


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Sorry this thread is so choppy. I'm doing it from my cell phone. And some of you who frequent Spotlight Hobbies and Facebook have seen this further along. Anyway, the body I had on the frame for mock up had some issues I didn't want to deal with, and while I have a few mint original issue bodies, I didn't want to shave the hinges and door handles from them. So this cracked and chipped body was perfect. I fixed the crack with liquid cement, and filled the hole with superglue and Zip Kicker. Bonus photo of chassis and engine included.

20180311_142123-vi (1).jpg

20180312_121045-vi (1).jpg

20180316_130353-vi (1).jpg

20180303_002534-vi (2).jpg

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With the Monogram axle set up, there was no way those AMT wheels were going to fit as is. The solution was as near as a couple of old broken AMT roadster wheel halves and some interior retainers from the 49 Ford kit. 

20180302_112808-vi (1).jpg



20180302_114033-vi (1).jpg

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After careful study of the box art, and in spite of the big Mallory ignition decal on the box art car, I figured out this engine was equipped with a Spalding Flamethrower ignition. It just happens the the 1964 and later AMT 32 Roadsters have one, I lopped off the molded in distributor from the kit engine. Then, in a burst of early 60s high tech, I wired the new one old school using sewing thread drawn through beeswax A la Don Emmons. I also substituted some SMP 60 Corvette valve covers to look more like the box. And because the AMT carbs and stacks look so clunky, a set from the Revell Tweedy Pie.

20180302_112612-vi (1).jpg




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Did you ever have one of those days? After going through a bunch of paint chips, Sherwin Williams mixed me up a nice batch of Suzuki 54 U Sunset metallic and I laid down a paint job I was pretty happy with. Then I masked it off so I could paint the roof insert flat black. When I removed the masking tape disaster struck. A big chunk of paint came with it! So... I feathered it out, back masked it and primed. Then remasked and blended the new coat in and re cleared the roof. 



20180525_133345-vi (1).jpg

20180525_135138-vi (1).jpg

20180525_144755-vi (1).jpg

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Ok. After a disaster like that, imagine cutting into a nice pristine 59 year old decal sheet! But that thankfully went well. So I was able to get this far, and enter it into Terry Jessee's Where Were You in 62 contest on the Spotlight Hobby board, where I won the awesome  1964 Revell/Pactra Midel Car Championship trophy in the background of a couple of the photos.  There is still more to do, including adding headlights and other details, but around this time (mid May) I got a job opportunity in another state, and between traveling for interviews, packing, storage and unpacking, I  haven't made any further progress. But when I do, you'll see it here and On The Shelf.

20180527_123729-vi (1).jpg





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13 hours ago, styromaniac said:

Nice work Dave! And those old Revell/Pactra/Testors trophies make excellent book ends for your work bench/modelling library....I've picked up 5 of them through the years.


That's way cool! And I just happen to have both of those books!

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