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2 hours ago, Bugatti Fan said:

A couple of the best scratch building references that I can think of are the two books by the late Gerald A Wingrove.               The Complete Car Modeller 1 and 2.

Been on my book shelf for years and I agree.  Even if you don't take your building to his level, the tips and techniques you can pickup from these books is amazing!

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11 minutes ago, Pete J. said:

Been on my book shelf for years and I agree.  Even if you don't take your building to his level, the tips and techniques you can pickup from these books is amazing!

Agreed! I have one of his books, won it as part of a show award.   While I’m no longer at the cutting edge of modeling personally, I admire the work of those who are! I love seeing what shows up at GSL. 

My own appreciation for this has increased over the years. As a fairly new modeler I met Angie Hiscano at a show. He had one of his cars with the totally brass hammered body, and next to it was the kit plastic body for comparison.  I didn’t understand why he did this work, when he had a perfectly usable plastic body! Now I get it!  ? 

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Zeger Van Hattem must be the king of scratch building, I have been following his projects for quite some time now.

Zeger's three latest projects.




And some of his older...all impressive builds.










This ones are not bad at all. ;)





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Force, I think that you need to look at the Wingrove Workshop website. It is still up to show this late master craftsman's work.            Zeger's work is very, very good, but I think that you will be more impressed by Gerald Wingrove's scratch builds.

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2 hours ago, dodgefever said:

10/10 for observation.  I figured people would be most interested in the photos.  ?

Yes photos are great, there are times when a little added explanation/information could be of benefit.

There are some fantastic build threads around, I prefer the ones where the OP shares more about

how they did it/got there.  

(Show your work) was a saying back in my school days?sometimes words are equally important.




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