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LADIES & GENTLEMEN: A Corvette guy's interpretation of a proper Ford GT

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   I've been trying to post this for over a week but the 404 error is driving me crazy.  Let me try a condensed version of the post.

I'm a Corvette guy, but also a car guy. No problem admitting I like others like Ferraris, Porsches, Lambos, BMWs, Vipers and yes, the Ford GT.   Like a sibling rivalry, how can I express I like it and insult it at the same time?  The answer? LS it! 
Here is a Corvette guy's interpretation of a Ford GT with a swapped  crate 1000+ HP Twin Turbo LSX.   This hobby is about deceptions and lies.  This is a curbside.
One of the driving modes on this car is called VMAX for top speed.  In this mode the suspension drops all the way down and the spoiler remains down to minimize drag. That's the stance I was after. To me stance is as important as the paint job.  Revell snap Ford GT.  Far from a serious model. Biggest let down is the headlights.  This is the closest I've been to box stock in over a decade. A rather quick build with cut corners that may never get out of the display case.






Modifications and details of this build:  
-Separated factory glued body halves for rework and painting
-Added headlight details (but they are still hideous)
-Added inside rear view mirror (a common omission in most of today's kits)
-Scratchbuilt parking brake caliper to rear brakes
-Scratchbuilt wipers (another common omission in today's kits)
-Added valve stems and carbon fiber center caps to the wheels
-Added mesh grilles front, back and sides
-Added reflectors in fenders and rear bumper
-Added omitted mirror faces (really Revell?)
-Added local emissions inspection sticker (gotta be street legal)
-Added my own controversial license plate
-Removed brakes from chassis to have full control of stance
-Added carbon fiber decal to the rear deck as a personal touch

-Paint is Gravity Colors Ford GT Lightning Blue  over  T235 primer
-Clear is good old MCW lacquer clear. The jar is over 12 years old.  But I switched back after trying and not liking the 2K everybody raves about.

The crate was made a while ago.  I did the sign advertising it was a twin turbo LSX with 1000+ HP

Part of my garage.  Do you see a pattern here?  Let's say I just ordered the only last gen Viper I could find in this scale (a diecast) to be reworked and painted blue of course.


They kicked me out of the Ford garage when they saw my license plate: :lol:


This 2005 Ford GT was the only Ford in my collection until now.  It is the pre-painted Polar Lights kit. I just polished the body, painted the interior tan and added aluminum exhaust tips.  I built this back when it was first release (late 2005?) after holding in my hands a Polar Lights prototype in Indianapolis thanks to Art Anderson who worked on the development of the kit.



What do you think?


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All great looking models!

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Gorgeous! Hard to believe it started out as a snapper, but all your extra work really paid off.

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Beautiful. That would be killer in real life too, especially when the V8 lit up. Very very fine.

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Looks great Ishmael. I agree, the Ford GT needs a proper V8, like the one going in the new GT500. That would be one He## of a beast.

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Hello gang,

  Thank you all for the nice comments.  I understand the subject of modern cars is not the most popular in the forum and I appreciate each one of you taking your time to take a look and comment.


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Missed this before, really nice job on a snapper kit..... At first I wasn't crazy about the new Ford GT, but is sure has grown on me.  Very well done.  I just got the new Tamiya kit of this car and am looking forward to building it as one of the new "Lightweight" versions.  Again, really well done.

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