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Rat Rod Rollback

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All of the paint and decal work is complete on the cab and hood. The bed is painted and I pulled out a resin cast winch to add to the bed as well. I also scratchbuilt ramp extensions from styrene and the scale expanded metal material that I'm using. I also pulled a fuel tank from the parts box and scratchbuilt chassis hangers from styrene. I will also build a toolbox to match the fuel tank for the opposite side of the truck.















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23 hours ago, Ralph Henderson said:

great job!!  nice vision and execution..

wheels and tires are very cool, any hints where they came from??

They are resin items that came with a resin cast 67 D700 crew cab that I picked up years ago. 

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I love it!

I always looked at that JF body and I always loved the looks of it, but I could never figure out, for the life of me, what would I do with it. I have seen few made into finished models, but yours is the first time, when it actually makes some sense and I really like what I see. 

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Got clear coat on the cab, started working on the interior. I decided to go with a rat rod style trans tunnel made up of old Auto World, 61-62 era license plates. The shifter is resin skull and boot from Bandit Resins. The paint is texture light tan and flat black. I also upgraded an old parts box hard hat to go in the interior.











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More to update. Grill mesh and hood pull skull painted and installed. Running boards are painted and installed. Roofrack is painted and installed with toolbox and tarps. Light rack is also painted and installed along with side chassis mounted toolbox.









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On 11/18/2019 at 9:51 AM, TarheelRick said:

Turning into a really cool looking rig.  I like the paint scheme and all the little details you have added.  Where did you get those wheels on the hot rod on the rollback?  I need several of those.

Tires and wheels are from a diecast.

I got all of the glass made and installed, side view mirrors mocked up, cab is permanently in place and did some weathering on the bed and chassis. Also got the fuel tank painted, foiled and installed.

















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2 hours ago, misterNNL said:

I'm glad you added the tire rub marks where the vehicles being pulled up run across the painted lip of the bed. Nice touch.

Thanks Tom. I also added some light rub marks along the running boards, under each door, where the toe of any boots would scuff the body every time you got into the truck.

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