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Floor Mats, Etc.....

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Here's a little trick that some might find useful.

I picked this technique up somewhere, I just don't remember from whom.


I decided that I wanted to replicate the drivers side "floor protector" mat on my current project after sanding of the interior tub floor was necessary after removing pedal detail and pin marks.

A mold was made of the mat from another kit with mold putty. (in this case the AMT '62 Catalina kit)

Then a relatively thick coat of acrylic craft paint, in your color of choice, was flowed into the mold.

After drying, the mat can be carefully peeled from the mold and trimmed creating a very thin and flexible mat to be installed after flocking.

This technique can be used for many other applications including floor mats and seat and door panel upholstery.


Thank you to whomever I stole this technique from originally! :D













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I like this technique, Steve..... and I can see myself using this idea to produce realistic looking, and realistic thickness floor mats for my builds. Thank you.


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I have used rubber medical tape for the same thing. Yours' looks terrific though.

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