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Cattleman's Classic Cabover

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Hello again! The tractor by itself was featured here on the site a few years ago, its just taken me this long to get the trailer completed. Modifications to the tractor include a narrowed front axle, air ride rear suspension, and a caterpillar 3406 engine, along with repositioning the fuel tanks for symmetry. The trailer was modified heavily from two complete kits to have enough components to replicate a more accurate double decker loading system. The trailer build was documented in the "W.I.P." section under "Complete Bull Hauler" entries 1,2 and 3. Although a lot of the trailers internal details are now hidden, all the gates, ramps, and dividers all operate and function as they should. The rear of the trailer features a more modern roadside main loading door, with the optional upper curbside loading door, instead of the outdated obsolete center load style the trailer was originally. Front bulkhead overhead sign cabinet, spare tire and winch cable, side access doors, and functioning lock pin style landing gear complete the build. I must say I really enjoyed this build, even though I spent a lot of time on details inside the trailer no one can really see and appreciate, I know its there at least. Be sure to check out that W.I.P. on this trailer, since everything is laid out in detail there. Thanks for looking!


2020-06-07 14.16.45.jpg








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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am not a truck builder but I know a beautiful truck model when I see one and I am seeing one here. This is just fantastic! I love both the tractor and the trailer. Great job, James!

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Very nice, and those photo angles give it an amazing look of realism! If you didn't see it, I altered the original artwork of the AMT box in those colors, except with white border striping and the lighter color for the tanks, second illustration here.

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