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Issue 207 Is In the House!!!

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Junkman said in an earlier post on this thread that Fine Scale Modeler Magazine disappoints. Well it probably does it you are looking for a lot of automotive content in it. Now that Scale Auto has been axed by Kalmbach it was muted that content would be 'absorbed' into FSM. Realistically it has to be remembered that FSM is a general modelling magazine that has to balance subject interest amongst different genres. We all love our model car and truck building but the stark reality is that aircraft and military are the main interest as modelling subjects out there and FSM will always reflect this. One only has to look at the number of specialist model aircraft and military modelling magazines that regularly appear in bookstore and Bobby shop shelves to support this.

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I was very happy to get mine in the mail I didn't even know I had a subscription or that mcm had my new address . Great issue has all my favorite stuff especially that shelby transporter and the Curt Raitz article and a bronco article and new stuff and well just everything I like in a model magazine . 


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Got #207 in today's mail.  Very nicely done, glad to see it back in production.  Couple of minor issues, seems to have a whole lot of full page advertisements for different aftermarket suppliers.  I realize this is the first issue back, so some adjustments will need to be made.  Yes the NNL was a big deal and I am glad to see the coverage, yet IMHO there again were quite a few more pages of coverage than necessary and of some mediocre models.  Still all in all I am very pleased and looking forward to #208.

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