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Silverado C5-R Cannonball Ruse Build

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3 hours ago, bobthehobbyguy said:

Great concept. Coming along nicely.

2 hours ago, Belugawrx said:

Looking good !

Thanks guys! I am pushing forward, might have an update to night.:-)

Here is one of my inspiration pictures.


image belongs to GuMMby9 on you tube.

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5 hours ago, slusher said:

you have done lots of great work on your build. Good looking truck for inspiration..

Thanks m8! I will struggle on but needed to do Some other model work inbetween 🙂

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I have had alot of thought on the cage and the fact that i want to be ble to remove the body when the model is built. The current nascar style side impact bars does not alow for that. So.. I have sketched for a new chassis.. wich will be integrated in one pice as long as i can fit seats, center console and all through the front window...  I have also been thinking of doing separate body and bed connections so they can be removed individualy. Magnets will be needed so i have connection points that are riggid enough. 

Here is a quick sketch of the new pipe work.


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On 8/30/2021 at 11:21 PM, Canso65 said:

Great project and nice work!


14 hours ago, chris chabre said:

youre giving me ideas....Ive always liked race inspired trucks

Good that I manage to inspire :-)

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Made some minor things to night, mostly cleaning up and sanding putty but some more substantial things.. I have wanted the front to steer.. so I drilled and cut it apart. Need to clean one side up. The far side looks better. 

The extended fuel Cells should be done now so I think I can start the new cage work.. can some one please tell the builder to calm down and just get on with the build and not integrate new things al the time.



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Some small progress. Have started on the engine since the front frame need to work around it. I also decided that I want to make it done with paint and all so decisions had to be made about exhaust an placement. Decided to cut the intake boxes so it displays more of the engine, that also helps with cage routing. Remember these are prop parts and the actual ones will be made more accurate. 
tried to reuse two different types of headers but no way they will fit. So 1,5mm soldering led came out. Not done but getting some where.  And no! No turbos! They will never fit! But around 600bhp would do it.433E1CC4-2B93-4445-AD7A-BBDEBAF78DA5.thumb.jpeg.0ce238df5e6c43495f485d0f32118acb.jpeg





Comments are welcome!

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3 hours ago, espo said:

Great looking work here. The space between the headers and the front tires looks very tight, may just be the camera angle. 

Yes its tight. I think I Will need to put the pipes on top of each other to clear the wheel. 

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So I made a set of new headers for the left side.. but I did not like the look since the pipes was not straight. So I scraped them and started over with styrene. But to determine exactly where they should go I made the engine fixation. Spare PÉ wing sides was cut down to fit and glued in place with the two new engine fixations. Will look good.





and a chassi Raul mock-up 

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Today I was doing some work, also planing for a future build some how, and I stumbled across a 911 turbo exhaust wile not perfect it gave me ideas.. should I or should I not.. 



also found some parts in the PB for the rear suspension. And started eyeballing it..




please give me your point of view! I like both engine setups but leaning towards a NA engine. Too bad these turbos are not mirrored to each other, would be cooler and more sexy to do it symmetrical.

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