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2002 Cadillac Escalade

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A friend of mine asked me to build her a pink Escalade with an ivory interior. I built it box stock with custom plates. This is the issue that they mistakenly put the ESV on the box. The box says it's molded in orange, but I'm pleased to report that it's actually molded in white. This issue has a couple differences from the original issue; it has chrome plated plastic exhaust tips instead of the aluminum ones and it has the black frit already painted on the windows. It went together well, just like one would expect from a modern Revell tool. The only complaint I have is the chrome was a little thin and wore off in some places after handling.











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Looks great Andrew!  I built the same kit and was disppointed that the ESV wasn't in the box.  I changed the wheels, increased the ride height and added dual exhaust tips to mine.  I used 5 spoke wheels from Pegasus instead of the factory 6 spoke wheels which looked the same.


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34 minutes ago, Metalbeast said:

I tried building one of these when they came out and I couldn't even get the rear door to fit right. Really nice job! 

Thanks. When I built the first issue I couldn't get the door right either and ended up gluing it shut. I don't know if this new issue is different in any way, or if I just have more patients.

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