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A Valiant effort...

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The floor is littered with shreds of blue and white plastic, after getting the chassis, complete interior, firewall and fender wells from the Nova kit all fitting nicely. I didn't toss a coin to decide what stance to use, and even though some friends call Pro Street "rather dated" 90's look, a traditional gasser is 30 years older still! I do not like to cut up a good body unless I have to. Making it a gasser would mean no tubs and hogging out the wheel wells so the skinny slicks will stick out a mile, and some gasser models i have seen are just too high in front, and would be difficult to drive. You have to se the road in front of you!! So the nose comes down on the Nova suspension, and the tubs conceal the wide tires without hacking up the body. The Hemi from a Hurst Cuda better fit, but i don't know yet! A tranny from a Revell Superbird 440 was used because the Barracuda engine does not have one. Hope it fits in the hole; i may have to modify or remove the fender wells. The body is actually a '62 with the different taillights, and I used it because it was perfect. the '61 body in the box was butchered and I used parts from it. i might make a convertible out if the smoldering remains!















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