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0AF01FFD-E916-4047-B9FD-7B6D1777E0C6.thumb.jpeg.36ea3a1e98ed1f5f8d7db2ec2c9eac25.jpegHello everyone, this one has been a dream of mine for 20 years, and now,  hopefully I will finally be able to build it. I really appreciate a nice custom built Peterbilt, or Kenworth. When the builder puts their heart and soul into it, it’s amazing to see what they can do. This build is not going to be finished quickly, as I am going to take my time, and build it in a way that I have never seen before. I tend to pull for the under dog, I like the trucks that are rarely seen on our highways anymore. Once upon a time the GMC General and the Chevy Bison were popular trucks, landing lead roles in some of our favorite shows. But now you very rarely see one. So here it goes, my custom GMC General with a spread axle Great Dane. I hope you like! 

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Thank you guys for your support. I’m not sure about the color scheme just yet. A big part of me wants to go with blue and silver, but I really want to do a military tribute. I am also very much open to suggestions. What ever colors are used, there will be chrome, lots and lots of chrome!!

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I don’t usually work on my models over the weekend so I can spend time with my family, but I did manage to get this done. The cab had to be modified to accommodate for the new walk in sleeper. I still have a lot of work to do to finalize the modification for a smooth transition but it’s a start.




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10 hours ago, Cat Racer said:

The frame has been stretched to 19.5 inches, definitely securing it as the longest truck I have ever built!!image.thumb.jpg.66f8fca6cffdffa6208f5c009796642e.jpg

What’s that gonna make the wheelbase? I’d guess around 400 inches or so? Keep at it!!

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Next up is the sleeper floor, I used Evergreen .080” sheet plastic to make the floor base, cut to the length of 6.75” going for a sleeper length of 170.” Strips of Balsa wood were cut 2 1/2” long from 1/16” x 1/8” sticks. After the wood was cut it was stained using Tattered Angels Color Wash Tint. I chose the Pewter color to give it a gray tint. To add contrast, I used varying ratios of tint and water. When the wood was completely dry it was attached to the base using Evergreens Canopy Glue.097F6F31-DDAC-401B-A44A-C64103E6BDDE.jpeg.3f6f0f9d8413eef2f984b0b1a500222d.jpegFF860C25-E825-4328-BA6E-63EE8991990B.png.38d9b6f88783e6eb064ca82b0a919a29.png103AF096-5922-45B7-88FB-218C469D25F4.png.b78ec6535f57f244e75ad666a12212a2.png2D7821CC-8A6E-4A76-9025-43D50B4A7263.jpeg.6067ca0a4c54174cc768ec0907736403.jpeg


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