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What if? Butch Leal "65" Ford Thunderbolt S/S


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What if Butch Leal had stayed with Ford in '65 and ran a Fairlane 500.

Had an AMT '65 Fairlane Mod Stocker kit, which came with most of the stock parts. Traded for another body, second seat and second hood scoop (thanks to RichCostello). Had the Cady decals. So I thought I would try a conversion. 

Cut up the spare body to fill in the Modified fender wheel openings (whoa, that was a chore). Wheels, door handles and carbs are from the Revell '64 Thunderbolt kit. Tires and headlights are from the parts box. Tail lights are photo repo. Paint was Testors rattle can Mystic Maroon lacquer. Forgive the chrome, my Molotow pen was acting up. Not great, but I'm glad to have it done.  



Butch Leal '65 Thunderbolt Nov 2021.JPG

Butch Leal '65 Thunderbolt rear Nov 2021.JPG

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