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Rusty Wallace MGD Thunderbird


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My second completion of the year.  I've wanted to build this car for a long time as I always rooted for Rusty back then, and this was my favorite livery as well.  It just made for a slick & tough looking racecar.  Kit is a Monogram Ricky Rudd issue, built strictly box stock with Powerslide decals.  Tamiya TS-14 Black and TS-34 Camel Yellow.  The build went fairly smooth with a few relatively minor fit issues, and the front wheels ended up with a little toe-in but I'll live with it.  That's really about it on this one.  Thanks for looking and any questions/comments.













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Thanks so much guys!  I loved this era of NASCAR too, can't really get into the current racing.

12 hours ago, Pierre Rivard said:


Mastering black like you do is something we rarely see.


Thanks Pierre.  Yeah black is always a hard color to work with.  Thankfully Tamiya paint always polishes out so nice, one of their great qualities.  Trust me though, it's not perfect and has a few blemishes here and there LOL.  I am really happy with it though.

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Rusty's MGD cars were one of the best looking on the track back in those days. Your build really does it justice. That black finish is flawless!

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6 minutes ago, bogger44 said:

Thanks all!  

Very cool, you do a ride along?  

I rode along and drove one of the cars for 12 laps.  The #2 car was sidelined but they had plenty of others.


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Tony, your model looks great, and the photography outside works great to your advantage.  Plus you tracked the highlights perfectly with the lower eye level photos.


Thanks for sharing.

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