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Revell Foose Cadillac.

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I spent the day today wet-sanding, polishing, and waxing the body and hood. I started with 2000 grit and then to 3000, and 5000 wet/dry sandpaper. After that I switched to micro-mesh polishing pads for 6000, 8000, and finally 12,000 before polishing with Novus #2, and a coat of Meguiar's Cleaner Wax. I couldn't resist a quick mock with the interior tub installed, I'm really liking how this is looking so far. If everything goes well, I may just get this one finished tomorrow.






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This is a real beauty Craig. The colours play very nicely together, and make for a classy looking Caddy. My 2cents on the wheels would be to add one or two light coats of smoke, but I kinda have a “thing” for Tamiya smoke. Either way, this is a very nice looking build indeed, thanks for sharing.

Cheers, Steve

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Posted (edited)

All that was left was final assembly, which went fairly fast and smooth. I did end up having to use a chip clip to hold the front end down while the glue dried when gluing the chassis to the body due to some frame warpage. I ended up having to perform that task twice before the glue finally held. I also noticed some warpage/dis-formation on the convertible top, but all-in-all a pretty nice kit. you can see the frame peeking underneath the bumper in the first pic.





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