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New Monkees Mustang


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Yes, I actually built this automotive mullet. Proper reviews of the kit are available here and here, so I'll just summarize with this: a halfhearted update of an existing kit, made to cash in on a TV show that never went anywhere. The only thing that made it interesting was the swirly plastic the kit was cast in, which didn't do much to replicate the 1:1 car's marbled paint job but at least provided something fun to look at while building it.

I did replace the interior with a later version from Revell's Fox convertible, and updated the intake manifold to the correct fuel injection unit. But then I realized (too late) that the battery was still modled in the old location and I wouldn't be able use the snorkel and air box, so a triangular air cleaner was taken from AMT's Mustang II kit. Consider it a perfomance upgrade. I also added skirt extensions to cover the gaps between the old chassis and new rockers. The rest of it was built box stock, with the upper half of the body polished and the lower painted Tamiya Light Gunmetal. A full writeup of the build is available here, and as always comments/criticisms are welcome.







With its classic counterpart:


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5 hours ago, Rob Hall said:

I remember as a teenager building this kit when it came out and disappointed it had the engine and interior carried over from the '83 and didn't match my 1:1 '87 GT.   Picked up another one last summer, unbuilt and cheap. 

It also has the 83 exhaust system. 

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Thanks, guys!

14 hours ago, vamach1 said:

Nice updates which of course should not have to be done if RM had made the effort but as we know accuracy costs more money and they figure most people will not notice or care.

Given the subject matter, it seems somehow fitting that hte kit came out this way. At least they finished fixing it for later releases!

13 hours ago, Scott8950 said:

It also has the 83 exhaust system. 

Yup, and if you leave it as-is it lines up perfectly to exit against the inside of the rear bumper cover. One more thing to shake our heads about.

12 hours ago, 1972coronet said:

Unlike that godawful New programme went the way of Micro Machines and Diners' Club, the kit has redeeming value -- and yours is a perfect representation.

I think some Micro Machines were more accurate than this kit! 😆

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Thanks, guys!

29 minutes ago, kelson said:

I picked up a F/S kit about a month ago and it's got some issues,painting the taillights is almost impossible!,but it looks like you did just fine.

One thing that was a huge help on the taillights was giving them a light block sanding before paint. I tried a couple of times and just kept making a mess, then finally figured out that the casting had left slight domes on all the ribs. It made finding the edges that much harder, and with the slick surface the paint kept running down into the lenses. By flattening and roughening them, it was much easier (still not perfect, but close enough for me to not have to strip them again).

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