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Revell ‘67 Charger


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I’m starting on this one now. I recently heard  about a “strictly OOB” building strategy, and figured this would be a nice kit to try it on. Except  of course for plug wires maybe. 🤔 I got the engine painted using Duplicolor enamel, so it can sit in the dehydrator while I do other stuff. I figured I may as well do the Hemi engine for my Dart at the same time. Just cleaning up the mold lines which aren’t bad at all. I plan on a red interior, but haven’t decided yet on a plain white or pearl/metallic white exterior? As always, all thoughts or comments welcome.🙂 TAFN






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I do about 3 OOB builds for every intense one. If I didn't all the big builds would only get half done and be boxed up on a shelf. The OOB ones that I can throw together, slap some paint on and be done in a weekend give me a break from the big projects and avoid frustration and burnout. Working on one right now. A huge 16 parts count, three or 4 colours, no weathering to speak of and a pile of BMF and all done in a couple of days. Then back to the Econoline project refreshed and ready to carry on.

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1 hour ago, NOBLNG said:

Can anyone tell me what this part #58 is? I don’t see it anywhere in the instructions.🤔


It goes under the grille of the '67 Plymouth GTX kits. Leftover part on a shared sprue, ignore it.

1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi Page 7

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I’ve been dragging my feet on this one. I found a little local craft store that has a whole bunch of colours of embossing powder so I managed to get the interior finished.









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55 minutes ago, Slotto said:

Great looking interior 

Thanks Steve.

50 minutes ago, KWT said:

snazzy looking interior

Thanks Jeremy.

4 minutes ago, AmericanMuscleFan said:

Nice job Greg, the interior is awesome, the color is perfect and the carpet simulation is impressive!

For many, the '67 Charger is an unloved one I think (but I like it), it's a nice kit and even built as "OOB", the final result seems more than promising. 👍

Thanks Francis. I finally found a method to getting the carpet looking decent. I agree, the more I look at these early Chargers, the more I like them.

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4 hours ago, slusher said:

Beautiful detailed interior, Greg!

Thanks Carl!

4 hours ago, gman said:

To echo what has been said already, the interior looks excellent. Great detail work, liking what I am seeing so far.

Thanks Greg! 

26 minutes ago, FLHCAHZ said:

Interior really looks good, the flocking is about the best I've seen,  very realistic

Thanks Chaz! My first attempt was thin and patchy. So I sprayed a coat of Mr. Hobby flat clear on it to dull the gloss paint I used on the interior, and I hoped it would mask the bare patches. It didn’t!😕 I then did another coat of slightly thinned white glue, and this time the glue spread very nice and evenly. Then more embossing powder and when dried, another coat of flat clear.

First layer after clear.

After second layer and clear.



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I got some  paint on it. First coat went on nice, second coat is a little pebbley? I see some careful sanding in my future.


I also got the engine wired and assembled.




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On 2/13/2023 at 10:30 AM, slusher said:

Nice engine, have you ever tried clearing Tamiya white primer?  If your going for white..

Thanks Carl. I had thought of it, but decided to go with the Tamiya LP-2. I’ll do some tests and maybe next time?

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Got the foiling done. It turned out to be easier than I anticipated. I added some scratch built interior lights since I blew my OOB theme when I wired the engine, plus I think they are a neat unique feature of the 1:1 vehicle.







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