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Introducing "Blue Velvet"

Dr. Cranky

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This it is, SG-100, is a great product in particular if you are going to do tape jobs, etc . . . but the way I've heard it described best is as a clear base coat, which still will require clearing . . .

Thanks for all the kind words and comments, folks. Doctor Cranky is currently in the Lab-RAT-ory working on the next patient already, so stay tuned in . . .

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Jim, I believe it's used mostly (as I use it) for sealing in the base coat in preparation for taping and graphics . . . it also helps (at least with the HOK line) to not have too much build up of the paint on the edges of the tape . . . it's a great asset for layering base coats and graphics . . .

I also use it as a binder for pearls and flakes, etc . . . not for kandies . . . for that there's SG-150, etc . . .

When in doubt, check the Tech sheets that HOK posts on their website.

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Wow Doctor C!!! ................. can't decide if this sexy or evil or both!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!! Now I just need to build a 1:1 ..... will drop by and take you for a ride when I am finished...

Regards Bill (Duntov)

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