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Scratch Building - OMG, even Harry gets one!


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This topic is just for Harry. He's right about all the floating alternators and generators. We've all been guilty of this for years.So, just to appease him, I scratch built a generator bracket for my 62 Catalina 421.

Many kits mount the alternators and generators by nothing more than the fan belt. This kit and a few others at least add the upper adjustment bracket. To go a step further, I added the lower pivot bracket. It's not based on any particular design. I couldn't find a good image of the real bracket on a 421, so I just made up my version of a typical design cast in aluminum.

This is a very simple project consisting of a scrap piece of .030" styrene card stock and two small strips of .010" square styrene rod. The long tail will eventually be cut off, but makes a great handle while I fit, drill, file and prime the part. After creating the basic shape and drilling the bolt holes, the styrene rod was laid into position and fixed with liquid styrene cement (Ambroid ProWeld).


Several steps were needed to get it to fit, so the handle really came in handy. The cut-out between the bolt holes is a relief cut for the freeze plug at the end of the cylinder head. The curved indentation at the opposite end of the ribs fits nicely under the generator. Here's the finished part with the handle cut off and a coat of Model Masters Aluminum Plate. I added a couple of Grandt Line bolts to dress it up.


Here's the bracket mounted in place.


A big thanks to Harry for pointing this out. Not much of a tutorial needed for such a simple part, but I think it's a nice addition to a detailed engine.

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Thanks to all you guys for checking this out. This was a very easy detail to create. Judging from all the engine photos I've seen over the past couple of years, I think most of us are guilty of letting the alternators/generators float. We're lucking they're not all scraping up against the ceiling like lost party balloons.

John, I am going to try and save some time over the weekend to scratch build a fuel pump. I'll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE - Stewart Warner fuel pump can be found here:


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