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4 day Barracuda


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I was just looking at crazyjims' Barracuda and thought I'd show this one I built in 2004 as a curbside for some contrast.

I built it in four days. The drip rails, along with pretty much everything else, were shaved and I lowered the roofline visually by blending in a thin strip of styrene at the top of the side windows. I made new front and rear valance panels, prettied them up with a spoiler out front and some aluminum tips out back, and hacked up a few custom grills from the parts box to make new matching grills and a new taillight panel. A little paint, some bmf, and some Viper wheels, and it was done.

Hope ya like it.





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VERY nice. ALL of Chryslers Styling depts were bustin some butt when it came to good lookin cars in the late 60's! This was my first choice a 68 Barracuda with a 383 automatic. My dad saw the engine an said, "Nope, motors TOO big!" I ended up gettin a 69 Nova SS 350(The motor was smaller!) You did a GREAT job on it. I kinda remember AMT's 1/32? 43? scale Barracuda looked something like this. I like it! :D;)

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Thanks guys. Glad ya like it. I appreciate the kudos.

George - Yeah, no kidding. I'd give about anything to be able to go back in time and be a fly on the wall in their design studios.

Jake - I forget exactly what the taillight piece was from. I want to say that either the fronts or the rear came from custom grills found in a 60's Mercury custom kit, but it's been long enough now that I can't be certain. I know I looked through pretty much ALL of my chrome trees to find one long enough for the taillight, and I do remember fudging the surround a little to make up for a minor shortfall. Other than shaping it to fit the opening, though, all I did was mix up a stoplight red wash and flow it down into the fins until it looked right.

Terry and Mike - That's what I was after...the car has such great lines from the factory, I just wanted to remove anything that distracted from those lines.

The first day of this was almost all mold line removal and block sanding the body. It was a long day. lol. But it was one of those marathon sessions where you sit there working on one thing for 14 hours. But ya gotta keep in mind that it's a curbside...there's no engine and the only "work" that went into the chassis or interior was to paint it all flat black. :D

I think there's a lot to be said for building a curbside. Most of the time these things just sit on the shelf anyway. They're fun, and a great way to break tedium when you spend a lot of time detailing or scratchbuilding. A little instant gratification in the middle of a lot of hard work can be a great thing.

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That's verrry nice, you really suceeded in enhancing the body lines.

Those 'cudas are one of my all-time favorite designs and I'm always a bit apprehensive when one gets customized.

Does anybody remember the '70s movie "Corky" wherein Robert Blakes' character navigated parts of his downward spiral in "customized" cuda sporting a Daytona/Superbird wing?

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Nice work, I like your mods except for one thing: that horizontal crease on the doors and just ahead of the front wheels. That line should either have gone all the way through, front to back, uninterrupted... or smoothed out altogether. Don't like the way it's here, then not here, then here again...

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