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Time for a round of show us your desktop


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Here is my current one, I found this while doing a image search on google last week


and these are the other two that I switch back and fourth



And the my lock screen has the TopGear logo, I cant change the background image on the windows tile side

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well dont laugh at my desk top , one day i was looking for info on my Dads ship during WW2 and i came across this pic and it just totaly blew me away , so i had to use it for my desk top ,,,,,,,, just an amazing pic009-2_zpsab099205.jpg

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Anne, I have a shell casing from one of those big guns I use as a trash can by my model desk. My dad was in the Navy SeaBees during WWII and brought it home with some of his other souveniers. It is about 18 inches high, 12 inches in diameter, and is solid brass. It looks cool, reminds me of my dad, and always causes comments when seen sitting by the desk.

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This is mine. I cant show you the desktop cause my computer doesn't do "print screen" Looks pretty cool on a 17" monitor. My ex G/f commented on Jungle Pam, but I told her I was looking at the car!


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