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N1/N2 Hachiroku


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HI guy's. This kit is from Aoshima. It's curbside so I added a 4AGE motor, ditched the fuel injection in favor of some old school webber carburators. Luckily this kit is the same chassis and body as Aoshima's motorized kit so I used a lot of parts from that kit. I custom made the wheels By using Aoshima aluminum barrels and Enkei Apache wheel inserts. I fabbed a optima battery and added a fire supression bottle. Wired it up for some detail. Drilled the holes in the seats so I could add a harness. Also added a harness bar to the roll cage. Painted it with the Panda scheme. Also covered the hood in carbon fiber. Lowered it some more. Well, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but i hope you guy's like it.










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Looks good and cleanly built, even though I don't have a clue what it is..I do know it is a car but thats all...Very nicely done...

It's a JDM "AE86" Toyota Trueno, which we got here in the States as the 5th Gen ('83-'87) Toyota Corolla. Although to be technically correct the title should be Hachi-Roku as the short hand nickname is Japanese for "Eight-Six".

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Brilliant, I'm hoping build more of these, hellaflush and bosozoku style cars. The wheels are great as well but buying the parts and tyres to fit here in the UK is near impossible, and I don't have a lathe or the experience to use one!

Delfin were the wheel arches included with the body?

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