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  1. Wanted 1967 Corvette coupe monogram . 1/25 scale Please let me know how much you would like
  2. They are the same base kit. The red one is from the revell 3 pack and the black is the monogram black box. It looks like the red has very slight differences, maybe because it is a later release, but the car body and general parts are the same. The red sprue even says black on it. Its hard to tell from the angle but the sizes of the body are exact
  3. i dont understand, the black one says monogram on the box. when i look at the scalemates it says it was a 1985 new tool under monogram. the revell supervettes set is a 1989 release, i assumed the 1989 revell was a rebox of the monogram after they merged are you saying its a revell mold originally and reboxed as monogram? this is the scalemates for the black one from 1985 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/monogram-2925-1965-corvette-coupe--176897 and the red one from 1989 with the revell package. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-7484-supervettes--1080
  4. Unfortunately i haven't been able to find the coupe version in a price range i can pay. i been looking and there was one but i got destracted and the auction ended before I could bid. i went nuts recently and bought the amt 3 pack with the 63 convertible, 57 vette and 53 vette. i also got the revell/monogram 3 pack with the 60 vette, 65 coupe (almost the same as this one) and a 69 vette. i also got a 69 vette in a package alone, molded in orange, and the amt 63 coupe. i also have a 63 1/16 mpc on the way. (it was my birthday last week, so i got these as gifts to myself
  5. It looks like the revell 3 pack is the same exact one as the revell
  6. Im working on the 1965 Corvette from monogram. its an old kit but so far its been going ok. I had some minor fit issues with the front but otherwise its been ok. I have carpet material arriving tomorrow to flock the back area. I messed up the passenger side silver area. The tamiya paint melted the blue paint causing clumps. I didn't really want to start over so i cleaned it the best i could. It doesn't look horrible. I dont have the body painted yet, but i have it ready for primer. I just haven't had a chance yet. I need to still do the exhaust manifold and pipes. For the rims i lef
  7. this is the same list for me. i also watched the loonie toons cartoons, and pee wee's playhouse
  8. these are the ones that i have that dont have them. Also, they both have the dark tinted window, so i suspect these are the same kit. I did notice, the hood on your kit is different, and the mirrors
  9. we have or at least had a kmart until about 2 years ago. i dont know if it still there. however, the last time i was there, they did not have any models.
  10. for the lead pencil, is it like a typical school #2 pencil, or a special artist pencil?
  11. I have to ask, how did you do the dials in the dash? Are they decals?
  12. i woke up in the middle of the night with my cat trying to put his head into my open mouth when i slept. i would guess realistically, he was just putting his nose in there to smell my delicious morning breath, but at 4 in the morning, its pretty odd to wake up to.
  13. i can't speak from experience, but i just got the 78 corvette indy pace car from revell germany. it got good reviews. i havent started the kit yet, but it looks pretty nice
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