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  1. I assumed something like that was likely the case. I know how these mock-ups can be deceiving. Steve
  2. She’ll be nothing short of magnificent!!! Steve
  3. Top notch work!! Are you planning on a little work on the stance? Might be just me, but it appears a bit high in the front when viewed in profile. Steve
  4. There are a ton of paints that are not designed for styrene plastic, but there are always ways around this, and in reality, a good portion of the absolute best paints for models is not designed to be used with them. This shouldn’t stop you. Steve
  5. I use flat paints all of the time when painting engines. (Usually Testors enamels) There are some nice benefits to using flat paints followed by clear. First, flat paint will dry smoother as a rule, (no orange peel) Second, I can control the degree of gloss depending on the number of coats I add after. Finally, I can do all of my detail painting on the engine prior to the clear coat. This will protect those parts, as well as the engine paint from rubbing off during handling during assembly. I will usually use a coat or two of Testors clear lacquer over the flat ena
  6. Here's my latest distraction. It was obvious to me that the extremely faint wiring on the Revell Charger firewall was going to be extremely difficult, if not entirely impossible to detail once the firewall was covered in a couple of coats of primer and paint. So I began some experimenting with creating a wiring harness from very thin copper wire. Once I got it to the configuration I needed, I coated the twisted portions of the wire with 5 minute epoxy to hold everything in place. Once cured, I can begin painting the wires and get them routed for installation.
  7. I think I'm good. I always try to sand the C-pillar trim down to about the same thickness as the drip rail trim. Steve
  8. Thanks guys! I think I've finished up the vinyl top work. Installed the chrome strips on the C-pillars and the roof seams using 0.01 x 0.03 evergreen strip. This time I decided to fill the roof side of the seam strips to make them look a little more correct. Steve
  9. Thanks Kevin. It will finally give me the opportunity to fully show off one of my rebuilt interiors. By the way, the Plymouth "Chestnut" will most likely be used on an old Johan "flat box" '64 Fury I would like to get going on at some point. Steve
  10. I’ve always wanted to do a ‘57 Chevy in this color, so I’m saving it for a future Revell ‘57 Chevy convertible build. I figure at some point I’m going to want a break from these time consuming vintage revamping projects that I’ve been doing a lot of lately. A simple modern kit build might be refreshing at some point. But I’m already planning on my next project being a complete rework of an AMT ‘64 Bonneville convertible. That’s what the Pontiac Turquoise is for. 😊 Steve
  11. Another bunch of MCW paint. 1957 Chevy "Sierra Gold". 1964 Plymouth "Chestnut". 1964 Pontiac "Turquoise". And 1967 Mopar "Gold", which I'll be using for my '68 Coronet project. Also bought a jar of vinyl top texture paint to try out. Steve
  12. Yes, I ground out what I could from the backside with a Dremel tool and then finished with some scraping with a flat X-acto blade, sand paper and sanding sticks. Steve
  13. I spent way more time today than I expected opening up the cowl vents!! Steve
  14. “Best Model Car Parts” makes a fairly large variety of very nice gauge face decals for many makes and models of vehicles, from modern kits to some obsolete vintage kits. Steve
  15. This short video shows how quickly your model can go from being displayed with the hood closed, and then open, and back to closed again with the addition of mini magnets. Actually I'm just kind of enjoying making videos! Steve
  16. I have a line on getting a few cartridge labels printed. Steve
  17. 8-track tape? I'm not sure, but it doesn't look quite right. Maybe a little narrower? Steve
  18. I don't know whether I should thank you or curse you John!! Steve
  19. Call it a weakness of mine. It seems like any time someone makes a suggestion like this, pictures begin flashing through my head of possible ways to accomplish the task, and suddenly, like a scratch that needs itching, I find myself sitting at the bench working it out. It's really a happy affliction, but it does have a tendency to distract me from the work that I should be concentrating on. Oh well. It didn't take too long. Here is the finished player. Making a couple of tapes to throw on the seat should be pretty easy........that is if I knew someon
  20. Fabulous Bob!!! Just goes to show that there are really no limits when it comes to things like this. If you can scratch build an interior for a '60 Dodge, the sky is the limit! Steve
  21. Someone brought up an under dash 8-track player, and I became intrigued. I decided that it might be fun to try my hand at making one. Steve
  22. Well, not to be the type that shies away from a challenge, I thought how hard could it be to make an under dash 8-track player. Then it occurred to me that it might be fun, so away we go. Steve
  23. Okay. The kits that I have are the original issue stock versions. Steve
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