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  1. I can watch Geico and Liberty Mutual Insurance commercials ALL DAY LONG compared to these things! I just cringe every 10 minutes when one of these STUPID drug commercials comes on!!!! Steve
  2. Well, I didn't want to get into their entire line, but my point is, there was virtually a zero probability that you were ever going to see "any" of the type of subject matter from Revell that Moebius has brought us. Nothing wrong with that if these kinds of kits are your thing, but if you're waiting for a Henry J, Willys or Jeep pickup from Revell, I suggest that you don't waste your time dreaming. Moebius is likely your only hope for any of these kinds of obscure subjects, and even that prospect is pretty slim. Steve
  3. I stretch mine right in my shop in my basement. If you do it the way I depicted above, there are no noticeable fumes whatsoever. If you watch the above video, you'll see that I only rotate the sprue in the flame for about 10 seconds. Not enough time or heat to produce much for fumes. You're only heating the plastic to the point of softening. If the sprue catches fire, you're too close the flame. That's when the smoke and fumes come into play. Steve
  4. That's "tongue in cheek" for there was no '60 Polara kit. Unless you have a couple of Modelhaus creations. Steve
  5. I don't really see any justification for giving Moebius any grief. They've consistently given us kits that the other manufacturers won't even consider! I mean c'mon, just in the past year or so, Moebius gave us 2 generations of Ford pickups! Where's Revell on this one?........Oh, that's right. It's not another Camaro or Mustang or '32 Ford, so forget it. Early 50s Hudsons, mid 50s Chryslers, '61 Pontiacs, and '65 Plymouths and Mercurys, as well as the Ford trucks, just i the past 6 or eight years is a pretty darn good record in my opinion when you compare it to what
  6. They grow up so fast. Marcy in January. And in May. Steve
  7. Thanks Kevin! It was good to see you too! Although I did feel a little guilty that I didn’t get to spend a little more time visiting with you. 😑 Steve
  8. I’ve learned over time that the fan is usually not worth spending a great deal of time on. By the time you tuck it into the fan shroud, it will be virtually impossible to view, no matter what angle you try to view it from. I’ve discussed these kinds of issues with others in the past. Most of what I do, I do because I enjoy it, more so than I’m trying to get every detail absolutely and perfectly correct. I know that people are likely never going to see some of the things that I add to a model, but I do it for me, not anybody else. And in the the same vein, there are always g
  9. While I'm working on the chassis and a few more engine bay mods, I decided it was time to begin the task of making the removable hood hinges. I did this on my '64 Grand Prix, and liked how it worked out, so I'm going to do it again on this project with a couple of possible changes. I first drilled the correct sized hole in the inner fender to accommodate on of the magnet disks. Then, with a tiny Dremel reamer, I hogged out a portion of the hinge to accommodate another. Now I just have to work on how I want to do the connection between the hinge and hood.
  10. Nope, don't know Augie. I've only really been "out of the modeling closet" shall we say, for the past 6 or 8 years, so I really don't know of many of the "old timers" in the hobby. I've done most of my building in relative obscurity for most of the nearly 50 years that I've been building. Just started getting involved in "the scene" in the past decade or so. Steve
  11. Now the fun begins Bob! This has become my favorite part of revamping an interior is working out the upholstery patterns, etc! Love what you've done so far! Steve
  12. I agree that "the best model" should win. But, the problem with not "spreading the wealth" is that if you have one or two consistently great modelers that make multiple entries in a particular show every year, and they take home all of the trophies every time, then, as Peter said, the "what's the point of entering the contest" attitude is what all of the other contestants begin to think, and pretty soon you don't have a show anymore. "Spreading the wealth" helps keep people coming back. If the guy who thinks he's being slighted because he feels his model is better than one of th
  13. Yes Mike, I should have mentioned that. The Johan Fleetwood is in fact a little smaller that 1/25th scale. Apparently Johan did that with some of the larger cars so that they would fit in the standard Johan box. Not that easy to find either. Likewise, The IMEX kit is all of 1/24th scale if not larger. It has it's dimension problems as well, but all in all, it's a fairly nice kit. I think with some love it would build up into a pretty convincing Eldorado Biarritz. Steve
  14. Unless you actually had an Eldorado Brougham, I personally would either look for one of the Johan/X-EL ‘58 Fleetwoods or one of the Imex ‘58 Eldorados. Both are better than the Revell ‘57. Steve
  15. Thanks guys!! No, that's one thing I've never considered. A good idea I suppose, but the last thing I need is dealing with a bunch of wires and trying to integrate a battery box. I think I'll pass on that one. Now that the engine is finished, it's time to get started on the chassis. First order of business......boxing in the front frame rails. Steve
  16. I was a little excited when I first saw the '57 Cadillac too! The box art is fantastic, but I soon realized that it was the same kit as this. Big disappointment. Wait till the "why do they give us unsuspecting noobs these lousy old kits over and over again" crowd starts getting their hands on this one!! It's good to see the 1/32 scale '56 Buick coming back though. For small scale, these old Revell 1/32 scale kits were pretty darn nice! Even with the multi-piece bodies. Steve
  17. Just thought that it might be a good idea to include a couple of shots of the main interior parts mocked up. Steve
  18. Thanks a million Bill! Worked like a charm! Probably gonna have to write that down though. Steve
  19. Can anybody provide a tech illiterate like myself some guidance on how to add a video link from a YouTube channel into a post on the forum. I recorded a short tutorial on my phone and I made it all of the way to getting it loaded on my YouTube channel, but I'm not exactly sure of where to go from there. Thanks guys! Steve
  20. Should be able to just make a couple of top mechanism wells to add the rear seat area. Steve
  21. Terrific!! How many of these sets are sold will directly affect any future collaborations between Ed and I for possible parts for vintage kits. Steve
  22. This complete Resin Interior is now available From Ed Fluck Junior! It was designed to fit the MPC '68 Coronet body in conjunction with the Revell 1968 Dodge Charger chassis and includes: 1. A reworked 2 piece Charger dash board. 2. A redesigned Charger interior tub. 3. A reworked 2 piece rear seat with molded in seat belts removed and enhanced seat buttons. 4. Reworked front bucket seats with molded in seat belts removed and enhanced trim and seat buttons. 5. Almost entirely scratch built door panels in a hard top configuration. 6. A complete set of s
  23. The '69 Impala is probably my least favorite style wise of all of the pre-1970 Impalas, but this promises to be a real barn burner! There's nothing I love more than seeing an old obsolete kit such as this get the full "modernization" treatment. I'm following along intently. Steve
  24. My daughter raises a few chickens and sells and gives away the eggs. Her chickens vary in color, but they all produce brown eggs. I agree that they taste better than a grocery store egg and the yolks are closer to orange than yellow, but the most notable difference I have noticed is the toughness of the shells and the weakness of the yolk membrane. They're tough to crack, and very tough to keep the yolks from breaking. On a sad note, she recently lost eight chickens and her rooster, Walter, to a fox. Steve
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