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  1. Exactly!! Put at least as much effort into building it as complaining about it and you might surprise yourself. Steve
  2. I don't use a visor. Just a lighted table magnifier. I decided that I didn't really like the kit provided coil, (I never really do like them) So I threw together my own. They're pretty easy to make, so why not. Steve
  3. Getting the buggy all shined up and ready for the road pleased me today. Steve
  4. Well, the OP's initial post wasn't particularly respectful in itself. Steve
  5. So because someone doesn’t have the “desire or skill set”, that makes it a lousy kit? Hmmm, I guess by that logic, because someone doesn’t have the skill set or desire to restore a 1:1 ‘57 Chevy, that makes it a lousy car. It would probably have been more constructive for the OP to have either asked for help, or offer it to someone else rather than just proclaiming that it’s lousy. Steve
  6. This was obvious to me when I had the engine overhauled in my 1:1 '69 Grand Prix. It probably took all of about five minutes running the engine to burn the paint off of the exhaust manifolds. Steve
  7. Right? I hate to say it, but if it's too much of a task to fill in a simple square hole, well............I'll just leave it at that. I agree. If it's too much for you to handle, pitch it. Steve
  8. I know that you'll all think I'm nuts and it might not be of much help to the OP, but I use a relatively fat brush for my finest detailing. I was never able to get the hang of one of those tiny "single hair" brushes, or even a tooth pick for that matter. It works better for me to use something that holds a decent quantity of paint. I load the brush with a pretty good amount of paint and then "wick off" a good portion of the paint with a rolling motion on a paper towel before applying it. This concentrates what paint remains in the very tip and assures that the paint
  9. You’re never “too old” for this hobby James. Just look around the forum and you’ll see that there are a ton of old coots just like yourself! 😊 Steve
  10. I believe so, but running the engine for a very short period of time burned the paint off of the exhaust manifolds very quickly. Steve
  11. Thanks guys. Already stripped a chrome fan from the leftover parts from my '65 Fury kit. I'll get it cleaned up an painted and the issue will be resolved. Steve
  12. Thanks guys! I figure that I might as well do it now while I still can. The steady hands and good eyes won’t last forever. 😊 Steve
  13. Got most of the carb linkage and return spring detail done this afternoon. Steve
  14. Those are going to be a little tougher to identify! Steve
  15. Let's put this to rest. There is no Tamiya '57 Chevy, never has been, and very likely never will be. I always find it a little amusing that there are those who's first instinct when these "bad kit" discussions come up, is to prompt us to buy Tamiya kits. Well, that's just fine if you want to build foreign or exotic cars. Otherwise, it's just pointless logic. If you feel that you "have" to buy a particular brand of kit, regardless of whether or not they produce the subject matter that you're interested in, because the other guy's stuff is "too hard", you're proba
  16. Don't worry Tom. I'll be certain to raise a big noise when they're available. Last time I checked, the molds were just about done. Steve
  17. A few more shots that might help you along with your identification process. Steve
  18. I pull the tape off immediately after applying the flocking, (embossing powder in my case) while the adhesive is still wet. The sooner, the better. Steve
  19. The airbrush itself won’t be that major of a purchase in comparison. You can get a pretty nice airbrush for the cost of about 36 oz. of paint! Steve
  20. For that money you can get an airbrush set up and get any color you can think of from one of the after market paint providers for the cost of a few cans of paint! Steve
  21. MCW has a number of different greens in rattle cans available. $19.00 a can. Steve
  22. If Tamiya made a ‘57 Chevy it might be a valid argument to consider it as an alternative. But since they don’t, (or any other classic American car for that matter) it’s pretty much a moot point. Steve
  23. Don't know anything about the fan except this is what came in the Revell '68 Charger to be used in conjunction with the Hemi engine provided in the kit. I understand that the Hemi in that kit is not a stock engine, so I suppose it's entirely possible that it could be incorrect. Not a major issue. I'm pretty sure that I have a spare Mopar clutch fan around somewhere. Steve
  24. It's funny, but I've been airbrushing for probably 30 years and have never had to worry about anything like this. I've had a Creos PS-290 that I use for bodies for a few yeas now, (it also has the pistol grip) and an old Badger 200 NH that I've had for nearly that entire 30 year period and I shoot lacquer and lacquer thinner through them both all of the time. I guess this just amplifies the fact that not all equipment is created equal, even if it does have a fancy name. Steve
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