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  1. 9 hours ago, bobthehobbyguy said:

    How poorly we honor fellow modelers and automotive icons on the site. We get a constant flow of every celebrity that passes but when a fellow Modeler or automotive icon hardly creates a ripple in the pool.

    I've been tired of this celebrity death notices here for a long time (I almost got banned for voicing my dissatisfaction).  Why should we care when they depart this Earth?  This whole celebrity thing irks me.  So does glorifying sports figures.  They play games and get many millions of dollars salaries.  Scientists should be getting that kind of money, not some jocks for running with a ball across a field.


    after posting this I read another thread down the forum, and it is a perfect example of a profession that should be making the big bucks, not some sports figures or celebrities:

    http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/185306-ironic-sad-911-milestone -think-about-this-please/

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  2. 17 hours ago, Mark said:

    Any method of payment that involves gift cards, or PayPal "friends and family" (cheaper/free, but no possibility of a refund) should be a tipoff for anybody.  And if you propose a legit payment method, and the "seller" balks at it, there's another red flag.

    Exactly!  Any person who has half a brain should be well aware by now that any transaction requiring payments using gift cars is a scam.  I feel bad for the lady but come on . . .

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  3. On 9/24/2023 at 6:27 PM, NYLIBUD said:

    I would love to work in a factory like that,no stress.Just nice little trees,lol

    LOL Ron, nothing could be further from the truth.  Those happy model builders have deadlines to meet and if something goes wrong, there is hell to pay.  Any hobby modeler who became becomes a professional model builder, will tell you that a large part of the fun gets replaced by stress.

  4. Yes, this is excellent technique. Soft plastic bags (of any kind) are good to use, but don't use cling wrap as it  might react with freshly  painted surfaces.

    If someone does not have empty bags used to hold kit's parts trees, for smaller models (like 1:43) simple folding top (not zipper) store-brand sandwich bags  work. For larger scale models I use Hefty 1 gallon baggies.


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  5. 33 minutes ago, jaftygas said:

    I was just giving some advice to somebody, and someone completely different from a peanut gallery chimes in and contradicts what I was saying.

    Joe, the original statement from the peanut gallery ;)  was:

    2 hours ago, peteski said:

    But either way, 1:25 badges are so small that it would be difficult to see if the colored areas in chrome badges have glossy or flat finish.

    And now you seem to agree with what Steve (and I) stated.  But whatever  . . .

  6. 1 hour ago, jaftygas said:

    Yes Steve it does look great. If you wanted to be more replicated of stock, you would use a semi gloss color after the clear, as the real badges are put on after the fact and are not typically gloss.

    In my experience 1:1 badges/emblems/scripts  are  either metal or plastic that has been chromed to a smooth (glossy finish) Shiny chrome is by definition glossy - if it wasn't, it would look like satin-finish metal.  If there are colored areas in the badges, those are often reverse-painted pieces of clear acrylic (also glossy).  If the colors are painted directly on the badge, they are also rather glossy.

    But either way, 1:25 badges are so small that it would be difficult to see if the colored areas in chrome badges have glossy or flat finish.

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  7. Chromed plastic car parts are electroplated using methods similar to chrome plating metal.  First plastic is coated with electrically conductive lacquer, then it is copper plated, then finally with Chromium.  There might also be another metal used between copper and chromium. Except for the conductive lacquer step, this is the same process using for metal  parts. Chromium is a very though metal resistant to strong chemicals. I doubt that purple power (or any Lye-based products) will have any effect on it.

    Model car parts aren't actually chrome plated by vacuum-metalized using very thin layer of aluminum.  Aluminum is a soft metal which Lye-based products can easily dissolve.  However some diecast models, and few kits (made by Trumpeter) for their plastic chromed parts uses a similar electroplating process used for real cars. Those were pretty much impossible to strip using any chemical methods used for other typical vacuum-metalized "chrome" kit parts.

  8. 27 minutes ago, Jim B said:

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but how does lacquer thinner work on enamel paint?

    Lacquer thinner is a "hot" solvent.  JUst like you not supposed to apply hot paints over enamel (becuase it will wrinkle the enamel), the lacquer thinner will soften the hardened enamel in the lid.  We are not going for liquefying the dried paint (which cannot be done anyway) - just to soften it enough to unscrew the lid.

    Like I mentioned earlier, I always make sure the threads, the lip of the bottle and the cap and seal are clean before closing the lid, so I don't have this problem.

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  9. If you have an old electric iron (the one you iron clothes with), and if you don't mind getting some melted plastic on it (or just buy a cheap one), then you should be heat it up then push the tire against it to soften, then distort it.  You have to adjust the temperature to just before melting the vinyl. Just hot enough to soften it enough to be able to squish the tire.  At least that is something I would try.

    But this will only work with vinyl tires if the tires in this kit are made from real rubber, that will not work. Rubber does not soften or  melt like vinyl

  10. I bought a set on eBay last year.

    The description stated that they were from the latest reissue of AMT '70 Impala Fire Chief kit. Not sure if that is accurate info (I don't own that kit).
    Here are couple of photos of the tires.



    I'm looking for another couple of sets of 4.  I have lots of other tires to trade (including sets of Tamya kit tires from various 1:24 kits).

  11. 7 hours ago, Scale-Master said:

    Dirt washes off wheels and tires, oily grime, not so much.  Ever look at real cars?  The chassis and engine are often dirty, but the paint and wheels are clean.

    I understand what you stated, but the tractor's tires have a sheen to them (like they were recently coated with Armor All).  Grimy tires usually have dead flat surface.  I suppose that could be caused by the lighting of the model for those photographs.  The tires likely look perfectly acceptable in-person.

  12. 4 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

    Ultimately, AI/robotics will probably replace entire classes of skilled humans whose physical abilities have been allowed to atrophy.

    And I'm not sure if we will like the results of that.  Augmenting is ok, but replacing?  I don't think I like that. Hopefully it will not come to that until past my existence on this planet.

  13. Nice!  There are multiple ways of dealing with stuck lids.  Another way is to stand the bottle upside down then using an eye dropper apply some lacquer thinner or acetone between the lid's lip and the glass bottle.  That will penetrate into the dried up paint in the threads.

    I never have this problem because I'm really fastidious in keeping the threads and seal in the lid impeccably clean before closing the bottle.

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