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  1. Here you bud.. this is the one that I did a while back. I can’t wait to see it finished , off to a great start.
  2. Gt fan

    Ferrari 458

    Thank you everyone...
  3. Gt fan

    Ferrari 458

    I found this half finished in a box so I decided to just throw it together real quick. The color I think is sunrise or golden yellow by Tamiya. It’s been awhile started it about 5yrs ago if not longer. It’s box stock except for the carbon decals on the mirrors and at the lower door . MFH Ferrari logos were used as well. Thanks for looking
  4. I always wished Tamiya did the 95 Cobra r kit as a race car back then. Instead of the street car
  5. I’m sure splash or someone soon will have the paint out. Saw the car run ,it’s close to the Menards NASCAR color.
  6. Probably easy to do. Indycals has decals for it
  7. Never thought I would be happy to see the mailman.. Straight from Mega hobby.
  8. Looks really good Rich. Well done. Great job cutting those stripes
  9. Looks fantastic.. I know this kit isn’t the easiest thing to build. Well done
  10. There not the easiest to work with. With the decal solution they get tacky after a bit is applied. You need to use it because you have to bend them over some complex curves. I used a hairdryer as well .If you have done a bunch of decals you should have no problem.
  11. Looks really good Dann.. attention to detail is spot on. Nice to see one of these kits built.
  12. Very nice collection.. I just moved most of my diecast is still packed in the box.
  13. I am in the same boat as you. Living in an apartment the 43rds are great. I get a few on eBay as well. I will look into Marsh models. Thanks for the info.
  14. I had this kit laying around and I like doing decals. This is the Fujimi kit. Pretty basic build. The cars body and interior are all White(Tamiya) the rest is made up of two sheets of decals. This is a curbside kit. I started on it a the other day. Small cuts in the back were made for the location of the tow hook. Thanks for looking
  15. Thank you.. just a heads up the Scale Motorsports kit for carbon does the outside of the body. The interior set is the studio 27. The decals are not that bad. You need setting solution and a hair dryer. I use a square tip brush . Helps to work the decals into body lines . Body was painted today.
  16. Thank you everyone.. it’s been keeping me sane.. or maybe insane for doing 43rd kits. Either way I wish they made more of these. With a little effort they fall together.
  17. There is a place in the uk that sells a bunch of them. There all a bit different. tomhartleyjnr.com. there is a quick reference book that is for the Gulf car as well. Just a few photos . It’s not bad. I got mine from spot model
  18. This is a BBR kit of the Italian championship winning 360 Ferrari. A well detailed little kit. Casted very well and 43rd kits are great kits to build between projects. I always have a few around. Thanks for looking.
  19. It’s been a while since I added to this. Here are some new pictures. Carbon is from studio 27, Tamiya and Scale Motorsports. The threaded hubs can from a MFH FXX transkit. It’s been a challenge with this kit. You really need to look at what and where the carbon goes. A bunch of it isn’t seen.
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