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  1. Very nice.. well done
  2. I’ve been on a 43rd kick lately and this is my next project. 2001 Ferrari 360 challenge. This is the car that won the Italian championship. BBR has excellent casting and some fantastic details. The body requires very little clean up.
  3. Thank you.. I have some as well. I like the fact that they build really nice ( Most of them) and take up just enough time. Space is always a key thing as well with living in an apartment. Cheers
  4. With time off building is moving a long on projects that I have started. This is a PMA kit. A fairly easy kit except for the rear wing . The wing is made of 10pcs of white metal and photo etched. Wheels are 3pcs which makes painting and detailing easy. The body color is Tamiya pure White with there gloss coat. Build time was about a week. Thanks for looking.
  5. I agree with Rich.. a bear of a kit to build. Great job on it.
  6. Looks really good. Such a great kit
  7. Outstanding work. Well done!
  8. Thank you everyone. The paint gods were with me !
  9. A quick build between projects ,43rd kits are great for this. The kit is from Dwindle. It is made up of 12 pcs. The paint is Tamiya TS-41 Coral Blue. No clear was added nor was is polished. Build time was less than a week. Thanks for looking. Be safe and healthy.
  10. Dwindle makes some neat kits. Thank you
  11. It is A Tamiya color. TS_41 Coral Blue...
  12. Being at home most of the week gives me a bunch of time now to build. 43rd kits are a great quick build between major projects or as a break from one that is in the process. Which is my case. My 917-10 and transporter are just about finished but I needed to look at something different for a change. The kit is by Dwindle. ( dwindlemodels.com) they make some very interesting kits all LSR cars. Very high detail curbside kits ranging from 15 -20 parts a kit with excellent decals. What I have done was completed in two days. Chrome was done with a Molotow pen.
  13. It could be an old Tamiya Capri . It looks like it has a place for batteries
  14. A few more details and it’s just about done. Sorry for the darker photos.
  15. The car is just about done . All that needs to added are the mirrors.
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