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  1. Only sand the interior area and just where you need the frame to clear and make it a curbside. Get yourself a Dermmel and just take you time.
  2. Very nice. super clean build. Well done
  3. Job well done Dann. The attention to detailing is on the money. I can appreciate the time and effort. Outstanding!!
  4. They were a bit rough. I used some needle files and some small sanding sticks and sanded each one. I’m happy with the way they came out. I was just worried about breaking them
  5. What seems like a 1000 pinholes ... time for primer again
  6. Scale production makes a great set of wheels for this car. They have separate centers and metal rings.
  7. Off to a great start. Car is looking very good.
  8. It was nice to meet you as well Rich. I’ll be back at there next show in February. Do you have any of the other Formula Canada kits.
  9. Try using this glue for your lights and clear parts. Works really well. You can find it at Hobby Lobby or Micheals in the bead area. I also use a toothpick with a tiny bit of putty or clay to place the lens that way your not touching the with your fingers. Car looks great.
  10. The scale fidelity is very good with these. Super thin .0075
  11. I saw a small black and white photo a friends dad had of the Penske shop outside of Philly. It’s about 20-30 minutes from where I live. It may not be historically correct but the truck kit was a kit a friend of mine had . For $20. It made sense.
  12. After moving and the long process of setting stuff up ,I’m back at it. This is the old Formula Canada kit. The transport is a AMT 72 GMC stepside. The transport will be curbside. The ramp was sourced off of EBay. The Porsche was full of pinholes which was expected in the older kit. It’s a basic curbside kit. Which I added to. The car will have the L&M sponsorship. Being from outside of Philly Donohue will be the driver.
  13. Hobby design makes a really nice detail set for the Martini car. Looks good sitting on the air jacks with the wheels off. Off to a great start
  14. Looking good. Off to a great start
  15. Just moved into a new place and I am putting mine together as well. IKEA and I have become good friends
  16. The one that I had I traded . It was the st27 kit. Profile 24 did the car. The Lemans one. You maybe able to find it.
  17. Thank you very much. It’s nice to build something without a bunch of carbon fiber decals.
  18. The kit is by Aoshima and is a simple curbside kit. The kit does come with a bunch of detail parts and photo etched logos for all the skyline emblems. A nice touch in a 25.00 kit. The kit also includes two different sets of wheels and a racing set with various interior decals. I weathered the car a bit as I wanted to try some pencils that I had bought. See on the workbench for those pictures. I weathered the wheels and the lower parts of the body and the back of the car a long the bottom. This was done by mixing rust and oil stain together and dry brushing it on. I changed the mirrors to black
  19. Car is now finished. See under glass
  20. All detail is done with the AK pencils. Sharp point for details with light hand
  21. Thank you.. This was a cheap kit to have around to try something new. The fit in the kit is a bit wonky but they give you a bunch of extra parts. Three sets of wheels and extra seat and has photo etched emblems. Not bad for $22.00
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