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  1. Hot water and pin it down. let it cool. I do this with resin when it is warped
  2. Thank you Rich...The decals went down very well. I was really surprised. Take a deep breath and get a sharp blade.. Indycals also has the RC cola decals as well, but I think there only in a smaller scale.
  3. Great photos ...Thank you very much !!! These are what I needed
  4. My favorite part of any build. Decaling....you can see the project start to come together. The kit decals were scrapped in favor of some Indycals printed decals. I ordered three sets just Incase something went wrong over all those louvres on the fenders.
  5. Just received mine.. I’ll be watching
  6. That looks wonderful!!! Bravo.. great work on the decaling .
  7. Back home and back to building. I got the chassis straight and sured up. The cab is just about done. I have to add some lettering to the door. Most likely Penske Racing...Newtown Square, PA. The truck was built as a curbside to serve as a base for the car. The ramp hasn’t been painted yet. If anyone has a picture of a ramp and how the tie downs are to secure the car. I would appreciate the help.
  8. Im sure Indycals will be on it with a bunch of different ones.
  9. A nice kit.. Its odd that they went to a GT4 car. I'm sure there will be a lot off retro decals offered for this kit. It would be nice to see a old school trans am mustang done by them 69-70 . It will have great detail and will look right when done. I jsut wish they would do the GT3 Acura or the Caddy Prototype. Now that the Caddy will be able to run at Lemans with some minor changes.
  10. Lay that decal with some setting solution let it soften up and use a hairdryer on low heat. Let it dry and use a new blade to make the cuts. Then use some setting solution to get them to snug down around the spaces.
  11. what about the Renaissance Porsche cup trans kit that they make. They make just a nose and fender flare kit that has the wing in it.
  12. very nice. One of the nicer looking cars from Kpak. Well done. I wish someone would do the Bentley now.
  13. Looks really good.. The Revell sheet gives you a really good set of interior decals. Off to a get start.
  14. Thank you... I fell short of my goal off getting it done. I didn't have any clear. I will have it finished in the next day or two. Cheers
  15. I just looked up the car. PMA made just about every team. Flying lizards ran one Wayne Tallor and a bunch more. This is the car that David Donohue ran and it was the winner. He is a local guy for me. He is another that I started
  16. I started this yesterday at 3pm. It’s a PMA 43rd Kit . At one time I think they made a bunch of them. I needed a little break from my Can Am build. The decals were a nightmare as they exploded in the water. The rear deck stripe took about an hour to put it all back together. Not much left to do. The back aero parts and some decals on driver side and the glass. Some clear and weathering. If anyone has any of these kits send me a PM I have stuff to trade.
  17. Looks great. Off to a good start
  18. Looks Great Wayne.. Well done. How are the quality of the decals ?
  19. The yellow wheels look really good. I think some one made a aftermarket decal set for this car. I think it was on Hobbyeasy.com
  20. Nice looking kit. The clean up is half the battle sometimes. off to a great start
  21. Boost knob is complete and ready to be installed. Knob was made from a breather sanded down
  22. After looking at a few more pictures of this car” that changed all the time” I noticed that there is a boost control next to the driver. With the kit being a pretty basic curbside one wasn’t present. Time to build one. The bracket was made out of left over rally car parts the controller is a left over coil with the top sanded off. The fittings are #1 size crimp tubes . I also use these behind the dash. It gives the wires a finished look. The boost gauge was in the kit.
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