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  1. Hey bub I am doing the build of to I didn't know you was here to looking good
  2. I like this I have many sleepers my last cutlass had. 403 out of a 69 Toronto am it was mean had 84 with 454 big block Chevy bad a $$$$$$
  3. Man they look good be honest I love to have one any chance to get one
  4. Looking very cool I like these builds keep up good work
  5. Hey bub l like build I gatt? Do u have the factor wheels I f so do u want to get rid of o need some for my vette
  6. I always like this kit man I even got Farris corvette but any way like where this is going
  7. Very cool idea all around great build
  8. http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p457/dodge5522/FB_IMG_1482597622267_zps0avwp746.jpg http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p457/dodge5522/20160418_203343_zpsf097fmpf.jpg]OK a lot of Har work and scratch building it's done hope u like
  9. It's in back ground man I got all kinds of kits a parts what are u in to
  10. I have the bottom pic I was wanting a reg roof height
  11. Well ummm I collect I am doing a chopped top one of these if you want to get rid of her I am interested
  12. Thanks it brings back a lot of memiores to me to my wife and kid love it I have a few more tweets then done I got to add some snow bunny's then done oh and thank all of your guys kind words And comments that helps me go one with projects thanks jason and god bless
  13. he bub i got a nice set of wheels this this HTML class. Value is [URL=http://s347.pho
  14. Hey bub looking good gota? Do u have the decal stripes and are u needed them
  15. Hey I was wondering g do u still have side scoops and tail light panel buy chance
  16. Yes I have been building the same building mine is made from wood with working lights out side it's a 1 /25 scale and also have cooters garage and I am building the hole farm with moonshine still in the back
  17. I buy it I had 77 76 gp bought had ttops I had 76 buick top and plenty of 72 to 77 big body chevy I agree I missed them glad to see some one dining them
  18. Thanks Carman my kid likes it a lot ok here an up date all most done got decals for Firebird today and put them on. Few more little details and it's done gatta add some animals
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