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  1. Stay tuned for my present build, hints of which are included in a few of the images.
  2. Thanks for the compliments. It was an interesting project. Be certain to attend our show, the Southern NNL on November 2 2019 in Smyrna , ( Atlanta metro area), Ga. Here's a link to our website, includes online registration :http://www.acme-ipms.com/?page_id=344
  3. until
    Atlanta Car Model Enthusiasts will hold the 2019 Southern NNL in Smyrna, Ga. (Atlanta metro area) on November 2, 2019. Link to our site: http://www.acme-ipms.com/?page_id=344
  4. Screen shot of the de Rethy grille and wire wheels setup for 3d printing in my Anycubic Photon.
  5. Paint is Gravity Colors' MB Ice Blue. Good match for the de Rethy car, although here it looks too silver due to differences in the light the pics were taken under.
  6. The Anycubic Photon has produced outstanding results. The grille is very well printed and the 72 spoke Borranis look wonderful. Those spokes are .0017" in diameter.
  7. That car may not be authentic - always a problem with we classics builders from the days of black & white photography.
  8. Silver has a bit more "pop".
  9. It's time to start thinking about the grille design which is unique to this car so nothing in plastic exists for it. I have fired up Sketchup , my CAD design drug of choice and taken a photo of the car from the front, which gives me the oval shape of the grill and position of the vertical and horizontal bars. A photo of the top of the model is loaded in to the software to give me the curve of the front of the car and then I measure from a photo of the side the angle, which is about 11 degrees. Now I have all 3 views - front, top, and side so I can develop the grille design. Below I am workin
  10. I've drawn the hood on the body so next is to make a template .
  11. I used what is called high density urethane. But it is high density only in relation to styrofoam, it is actually not very dense. The reason that I'm using it is I was never able to find any reasonably priced Renshape on ebay; until recently. I'm now using the Renshape on another project and it's much superior. Don't use this urethane, I've found finger nails will mar the surface.
  12. Frenzel supercharger: https://www.shapeways.com/product/LL4T3QMAD/frenzel-10-23-15-2-125?optionId=65231815&li=marketplace
  13. A light coat of gray primer to sand and refine the body.
  14. Steve McQueen had one: https://www.velocetoday.com/steve-mcqueens-siata/
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