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  1. I don't know what to say. Lost for words to discribe this build. Excellent!!!
  2. Very Nice. I have a couple of those truck kits myself. You inspire me to start them. I have some old Slixx decals to put on them. I know that it is going to be tough.
  3. Congrats!! Nice work. They look perfect.
  4. Both look great. I have a couple of Jeff's to do also.
  5. Thank you all for your nice comments. Those nice words make all the time spent worth it. Thanks!
  6. Completed this kit over the weekend. Been working on it on and off for about three months. Gravity Colors (EUR) paint, RacingDecals43 - decals and some Scalemotorsports carbon fiber work also. Started using Alclad 2 metalizer paint on some of the detailing.
  7. Well here is the completed kit. I used some Alclad II paint on the exhaust and a couple other parts. Really like the stuff. Also I did some carbon fiber on the rear wing and underneath plates.
  8. Looks great! Nice job
  9. This is my latest build. Gravity Colors EUR paint (excellent match to decals) as always and easy to spray. Racedecals43 was source for the livery bought from Gravity and are easy to work. Very similar to Powerslide. Need to clearcoat with HOK 3 to 1 clear. Decals come with the white printed but I decided to trim the white off and paint the roof and hood. I usually wait 48 to 72 hours to clearcoat after decaling. Today is the third day so maybe this afternoon. Next to the Volt GT4 livery I think this one really pops.
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments. Now I'm on to the Modspace livery GT4 that I got from Gravity Colors EUR. I got it painted and decaled.Waiting two days to clear coat it. Decals were done by Racedecals43. Excellent to work with. I'll post a picture in WIP section. These kits are fantastic. They really got me hooked.
  11. This is my second completed GT4 kit. The paint is TS26 white and the blue is from MCW Mark Martin Valvoline #6 that I bought 25 years ago. Indycals decals. Cleared with HOK 3 to 1. I did some carbon fiber decal work also. Pictures are not that great.
  12. I like it!! Real nice. Glad to hear that SK decals are good. They have some nice liverys.
  13. Thanks for the info.. The Volt car interior often looks like it's off white or greyish.
  14. Thanks for the pics JP. They will come in handy. Looks like some of the interiors are white and others are a very light grey. Kinda like the interior of a NASCAR. Or is it just the way the light hits them?
  15. Very Nice!! Reminds me of the day going to Five Mile Point speedway in Binghamton, NY
  16. Looks good. You might inspire me to do the Vega Mod I got. Got it out of the closet 3 times and then put it back in.
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