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  1. Real nice. My favorite part of building is painting and decaling the bodies. I can see the work and patients you put into this one. Looks Good!!
  2. I would stay away from the U.S. one also. I can order from the Spain based Gravity and in 3 to 4 days (not months) receive my order. They use DHL for shipping.
  3. Looks Good!! I wish someone would reissue those kits. I have many after market decals but no kits.
  4. Great job. Real nice model. Perfect! The man has talent.
  5. Looks great. Very nice. I was looking for you to do one of these GT4 kits.
  6. Looks good Mike. Have you tried using a hair dryer on the decals. I put them on kinda wet, push them around with 1/2" soft artist's brush I got at Walmart. When in place I dab with a paper towel then with Q tip put some MicroSol on them. Follow that with some heat from the hair dryer set on low. Don't try to move them cause at that point they are soft but set real well. Just saying how I do it.
  7. I got the tires sanded and decaled last night. This morning I gave the body three coats of HOK USC01 clear. Now it must sit for 24 hrs. for clear to cure.
  8. I use MicroSol and MicroSet on them with no problem. Don't be afraid to use a hair dryer on Low setting to help snug them down also.
  9. I started this a week ago. Tamiya GT4 kit, Gravity Colors EUR flourescent yellow exterior sprayed over Tamiya fine white primer. Interior is AS20 Insignia White. Sprayed a coat of Tamiya clear to smooth out and seal the color for decals. IndyCals for the decals- microsol and hair dryer on low to set them. Going to now give it about 3 coats fo HOK USC01 clear. I have to touch up a couple places where the grey decal didn't cover over a lip. Tamiya's German Grey is a match.
  10. RandyC- Indycals are great. I bought the Volt set plus three others from them. I'm presently working on the Volt. The decals are thin but strong and workable. They are printed on the paper as one sheet so you must cut them out close to the print. I like to leave a little edge around them. Also I've used MicroSol on them with no reaction. Good Luck. Hope to see some pictures.
  11. Looks good. I think I put the splitter on first then the other pieces. Went together pretty easy.
  12. Thanks all. I bought four more of these kits and some decals from Indycals. Doing the Volt car now. Painted interior on Saturday (AS20) and exterior yesterday (Gravity Colors flourescent yellow). Got to put down a couple coats of lacquer clear and polish out before decaling.
  13. I used Createx Wicked Colors, Flourscent Yellow and House of Kolor USC01 clearcoat. Love their clear. It self levels and requires very little polishing. However there was a learning curve to get it reduced for our scale projects. I've done a couple Nascar kits before the GT4 and used it. Seemed to go on to thick and kinda syrupy. They say mix 3-1-1 (paint, reducer, catalyst) probably perfect for full size cars. Looked good but I found (3-3-1) misted on is better. Doesn't build up as fast. More realistic to scale. Dries hard in less than 24 hrs.
  14. Well, here it is completed. Being it was my first I built it right out of the box to learn the good and bad of the kit. Kit is great. Came out OK but the door has two specs of something that came while clear coating. I learned to wait and put the side ground effects on after chassis is placed in the body. It fits tight and making the chassis hard to get in.
  15. Another GT4. These kits are excellent. Since the Nascar kits are getting hard to find. Especially Chase Elliott I decided to try one these. now I'm hooked. Ordered four more. Tamiya AS20 interior, Createx Wicked Flouroscent Yellow exterior and HOK USC01 clear top coat.
  16. Thanks everyone for the comments. I started the kit around Thanksgiving. Had it painted once using Createx paint which I've used lots before. For some reason the first decal I put on I had to use Microsol and the paint smeared. Was ready to throw it in the garbage. Now I'm glad I didn't. Those are Powerslide decals, House of Kolor Kosmic clear on top of Gravity Colors (Europe) paint. Interior is Tamiya AS 20. I can now start the chassis. Here another picture
  17. I spray the primer outside from a rattle can. Then airbrush my colors inside. I have a spray booth vented outside. I tried not using primer but when masking two tone paint schemes often times the paint would pull off when removing the tape. The primer sticks to the plastic and paint sticks to the primer better. You only have to apply a light coat. That's just how I do it.
  18. i use lacquer thinner, rag and Q-tips. Do you plan on taking them apart to clean? Then lacquer thinner. Soaking them in a solvent could ruin any o-rings internal.
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