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  1. Great looking build of a not so popular dodge-a-bishi.
  2. looky looky it's a Furd Battallion nice stash of fords and Welcome to the Jungle
  3. great looking monster wrecker your building following with interest
  4. Nice build. What colors did you use if I may ask.
  5. Really nice looking build like the way yours turned out. When i get to mine at least i'll have some reference to go by. Kudos.
  6. Cool looking build gives me many ideas for my monogram Rampage Camaro which will be named "up in smoke" yup there's a theme there. Going to be painted two tone green.
  7. Great looking build. All you need is a pair of "CHiPs" and you'd have a perfect 70's scene.
  8. Who makes the engine and trans you have in the pics
  9. I have this kit also only thing keeping me from building it is the yellow fade my worst aspect of modeling.
  10. your just off 92 so you must remember when there was a crooked mile.
  11. Thanks should be able to post pics soon as i have to rely on the library no internet at home working off my phone for now. Again thanks.
  12. Getting back into building plastic models after being a model railroader for the last 20+ years. First model kit my uncle helped me build was the AMT Kenworth/Rex cement mixer in 1970 not wish I had that kit. Currently seeing as how it's been Eons since I last built a kit will be starting with an easy refresher building the revell snap KW 900 will still be building my kits out of box except for finishing decals and maybe bmf. Sitting on a lot of 80's-90's kits just waiting to be built. Hope y'all can handle a returning modeler that's starting again Vince P
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