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  1. Thanks Michael, your former suggestion is the way I’ve been planning to do it
  2. Thanks Trevor. As for the windows being a “toughie”, I am also scratch building my own side windows which heightens the challenge a bit more. I’ve decided against the drilling and pin job as I feel it’s too risky for this application, but maybe in the future. Thanks everyone else for your input as well!
  3. Thanks Peter and Tom... and Peter, that’s a good point about the berm around the holes’ edge from melting. Well with all these various suggestions from everybody, I’ll have to give it some more thought before I make my mind up on a game plan. Thanks!
  4. Peter, I really like the idea of using pins and never would have thought of it so thanks for mentioning it. I will have to give it some thought, but since I don’t have a way to drill that small it’s probably a no go. I could use a hot piece of tiny wire and melt holes through, but I think that would discolor the glass. ??? ... im thinking that after I paint the trim around the edge of the windows it will be enough to hide tiny amounts of glue. This would be less of a concern if I just painted the outside of the glass, but being a glutton for punishment, I must paint it behind the glass!? This
  5. Sounds like I might need to give some different glues a whirl, just to see what it’s like at least. Thanks for the input.
  6. Interesting, and great info guys. The only glue I ever use is basically modelers super glue and I have never even heard of (PVA/canopy glue)... I’m guessing it is more runny so that it sucks itself up between the tight spots? Also, I never thought to use Elmer’s, but it makes sense that it would work fine, however it seems to me that it would still present the same challenge and I don’t know if it would leave behind any traces if you were to wipe it off. Bill, is the Micro Crystal Clear a PVA?
  7. Every time I’m about to do it I always wonder which is better or if it even matters... Apply the glue to the window, or apply the glue to the model where the window will be placed??? Nothing is worse than slipping and getting glue on the window where you don’t want it, so I wonder if one way or the other makes this dreaded mistake less likely to happen. Any thoughts, personal experience, etc?
  8. Welcome Nick...This is an awesome forum, I’m sure you’re going to like it!
  9. Wow! That turned out really great Keith. Nice work!... I was just considering buying one of these kits last night...Hmm, you got me second thinking it?
  10. ^^ What did I post that was censored? I’m baffled.
  11. You should be able to use photos from any photo album you create in your Galaxy. When you come on to this forum, go to ‘create topic’ or ‘reply to topic’, whichever one you are wanting to do, and then click on the paper clip symbol at the bottom of the page... it will let you pull photos from your album from there.
  12. Terry, this is incredible! Everything just looks so well thought out and executed... it’s obvious you are very skilled. This is one of those models that you can look at over and over again and it doesn’t disappoint. I love these kind of Baja cars, and all the tiniest details you created and added are simply marvelous and inspiring. I’m beginning to think paper may be the best material for seatbelts because yours look absolutely real. And then there’s that fuel stain below the gas cap...you can practically smell it! I really can’t say enough... Bravo!
  13. Thanks Bill, your compliment is much appreciated!... I think you would really enjoy building one. The Revell kit has a lot of molding lines to sand off, but the detail is great. BTW: I love the quote “Never give up, never surrender”... It is exactly what I keep telling myself whenever a model build is trying to kick my butt... I’m currently battling it out with my Fujimi GT40...having to figure out how to fabricate new headlight covers from scratch since one of the originals cracked!? I will win.
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