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  1. Kids are so funny!... Here’s another
  2. Lol.. probably stole some plates off the wrong car. Cops will get ‘em soon enough.
  3. Ahh, that’s good to know since those things cost $20 each if I remember right. My cats have got to where they simply lick or eat the catnip and that’s it... no spazzing whatsoever. One of the doesn’t even pay any attention to fresh fish. Weird!
  4. OP: “Why do people dig up these old threads?” —-I think it’s because it gives the appearance of being respectful... like your not just here to waste people’s time and you’ve done your due diligence.
  5. That’s awesome! ... maybe I should get a couple of those fishes for my two cats... especially if they work that good every time!
  6. They’d be like, “Uuh yeah... Ooookey dokey... have fun with that...”🙄
  7. Yeah, it would be kind of a Joe Dirt-ish thing to do..
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