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  1. Here’s a 71 GTO in a similar color, except the taillights on the mystery car look more like the Buick because they don’t appear to wrap around the bumper’s edge. I’m still stuck thinking it’s a ‘71 model for sure though.
  2. Whatever that second one is it cracks me up😆 ....Blood Simple?
  3. I think the one that says “1973” on the license plate would have to be my favorite .... just because it’s green.
  4. Here’s the 71 GS ... That’s really what I think it is now. The color even looks the same, and the wheels. Just without the vinyl top.
  5. Either way, it’s definitely a Buick, so you win the coconut👍😳😬🤣
  6. Oh... so you don’t even know what it is... So how are you going to know who guesses right and wins the coconut?😟 I suppose I’ll guess 67 Cougar or Cyclone
  7. Saw this Porsche and Studebaker on my way home for lunch today. Not sure which one's prettier😀
  8. That’s the cleanest, most accurate and realistic looking 1/25 plastic model build of a modern car I’ve ever seen. Absolutely superb! Seems to me that modern car models usually look off somehow and kinda phony.
  9. Very cool car and I love the color combo choice. Good job!
  10. Now there’s something you don’t see every day! .. You’ve always got something interesting to show us Ray. Nice job👍
  11. Wow ... super cool! Nice job on details👍
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