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  1. I love the beginning where they’re messin’ with the lion in the sign.
  2. Thanks much Alan! I found it and realized it had been in my sights before, but something didn’t register at the time. Now I know how it’s done. Cheers!
  3. Also, at the top of these forums is a catagory titled “How to use this board”, which is the preferred area for questions such as yours, and therefor would probably receive more attention there as well.
  4. Go to the top right of your page where your current avatar is, (the circle with the “A”), and click on it, then click on your “profile”, then you will see (the circle with the “A”) on the left side with a small “camera” symbol under it. Depending on your device, double click on it, or right click, or finger hold (iPad). That should take you to a screen that gives you the option to drag photos from your photo album etc. For mine, I picked it from Google images, saved it into my photo album, then took it from my album and inserted as my avitar. Some of the photos I chose were not the correct for
  5. Yes! ... sorry it took so long to respond as I’d forgotten I even posted that.
  6. Wow Mark, the details ar excellent! ... Your buckle manufacture is awesome stuff!
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