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  1. Super crisp looking👌...Thank you for what you do! ***Just went through some topics and noticing the condensed window of quotes and the time stamp placed between last update posts on WIP’s.... VERY NICE!👏
  2. Awesome seeing em all lined up like that👍
  3. This is a Fujimi I built recently, but it’s an old kit from the 80’s. It is an all one piece body, but the front (hood) opens, though there’s nothing to see in there. No engine with the kit. It went together well, but putting the body onto the floor pan was freaky because of the extremely tight fit. Rex... love your blue MkI !!! John, I just noticed your post of the one you’re going to build... it’ll be just like mine.
  4. I’m gonna say model too, but that it’s larger than 1/25, like maybe 1/12. The sheen and wash on the blue part of the engine, the white jug (washer fluid?) strap, and the braided lines look a bit artificial. The reason I’m saying 1/12-ish is because the gloss of the body looks in scale with a real car if you know what I mean.
  5. Interesting to see... It is a Fiat Barchetta Giovane Due, probably a year 2000? and had a 1.8-liter inline-4 with 128 HP. I was just reading about it and the word barchetta means “small boat” in Italian, which does kinda resemble the body especially when you can see the front. “Giovane Due” roughly translates to “young couple” which hints toward its target audience. Production ended in 2005.
  6. Agreed on the Camaro... The one above in bright red is absolutely stunning! ...And there are cars in here that I’ve never seen before that are just incredible!
  7. I like Joshy... Joshy boy is another I go by sometimes.🤠 Well, hopefully we’ll be getting back on to seeing some more body styles that people have come to love most. It’s very interesting seeing them, and even the ones I find to be strange choices get me to thinking about them from a different angle so that I can come to appreciate what the poster sees in them. Carry on, Joshy
  8. First of all, there are some really awesome models posted on this thread already... great work people! I originally got into modeling when I was around 10 and I really liked military stuff, mostly tanks and infantry and some airplanes, but as I got older I really got into muscle cars and sports cars. I went through a dry spell for awhile and years later came back into it building only muscle cars ..... Then I went through another dry spell for about 10 years and recently returned (and found this excellent forum), and so far have been building only Shelby race cars. I remember saying to m
  9. Scotty (sfhess), stop bombarding this thread with all your pics! ...Read the original post. If you want to pointlessly post gobs of pics of all the cars you can come up with then start your own thread. ... I already asked nicely once... this is the second time, plus the PM I sent you, now please show some respect. I just went through and counted (49 pics) that you have posted. The guidelines in the O.P. request that you post up to 4, and could be up to 8 if you pick a car and a truck... Even if you changed your mind later in the thread (as per O.P. guidelines), that would give you up to
  10. Here’s a 71 GTO in a similar color, except the taillights on the mystery car look more like the Buick because they don’t appear to wrap around the bumper’s edge. I’m still stuck thinking it’s a ‘71 model for sure though.
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