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  1. There are a surprising number of iconic cars that have not yet been chosen as a favorite of anyone. And maybe not so surprisingly, these pages show zero modern cars within the last 10-15 years. Well, except for the frog car which some people actually like enough to buy🙄
  2. “Oh son!... for that you traded your everlasting soul?” — “Well I wasn’t using it.”
  3. “Well, me and you was fixin’ to fornicate!” ...and Everette constantly blabbering and answering for others... reminds me of people I’ve known.
  4. Yeah, I can really see what you are saying in that! .... I’m not sure why a couple of your pics turned out looking somewhat condensed, so I thought I’d re-add a couple for good show👍.... Beautiful one!
  5. Agreed...and I have! From what I’ve seen so far of Coen Brothers films, ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’ is the masterpiece out of them all. All the expressions and mannerisms of the characters and the statements they make are endlessly hilarious... and the soundtrack superbly fits the movie. I laugh every time when the kid comes out poppin’ off rifle rounds.
  6. In the truck world I have to give the nod to the ‘67-‘72 GM stepsides
  7. I’ll go ahead and post ONE of those.... Bugatti T57 SC Atlantic Coupe (a very deserving one and a real original beauty!)
  8. C’mon Mike, you know you’re gonna have to pick something...Don’t keep us hanging!
  9. WOW!... yes I remember the Coyote in the show... I was about 12 years old. Thought it was the coolest car ever, but my uncles were always saying it was some kind of kit car... I never knew it was a real deal, basically. The color on that McLaren is the absolute perfect color for that body. Sweet!
  10. ....But the pics are what make the thread fun to look at! 1967 Corvette (as per Snake45)
  11. I absolutely LOVE the roof!... But I’m sure in time there will be enough posts to see how many different ideas there are on what a “great” body style is.
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