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  1. Thanks for the photos, they're cool. I don't have a particular use for them at the moment, but images like this tend to get filed away in my mental archive for later use. They usually end up in the "I seem to recall..." file. With the new frame and other patching and re-fab, it doesn't look like there is much of the original vehicle left.
  2. Thanks for the tips. I think I just might tap some silver Testors on the grille surround and hood trim, the foil would be too bright compared to the rest of the "chrome." Besides, that foil drives me nuts! After seeing the pics pre-edit, I've found some other areas that need some attention too. I just have to adjust the resolution on my camera. It shows me too many errors that my eyes don't catch until it's too late. I need to set the resolution so it macthes what my eyes see! Thanks again for the input, David G.
  3. Welcome to the next update. I managed to get the paint work mostly finished. I found the thought of applying all that foil rather intimidating, so I bought some Testors Aluminum Metalizer paint and started masking and spraying. The results are shown below. These cars had a lot of chrome trim. The whole car is pretty much outlined in chrome. Using Testors Metalizer Aluminum from a spray can, I had to mask and shoot this in three stages. I think it was a bit easier than using foil, but the results are somewhat less than impressive. As a paint job, it came out well enough, but it looks more like a good paint job than chrome trim. I think If I try to go this route again, I'll try Alclad chrome paint. The grille and bumpers buffed up nicely and looked great until I put clear coat on them. Hopefully, I can buff them back up to the sheen they had before. It's just about ready for final assembly. I hope to finish it up this weekend. As always, honest critiques and comments are welcome! Thanks for hanging in there with me David G.
  4. Excellent replica! Some of the photos almost look like a Photoshop trick!
  5. Well, I'm glad the company's not trying to charge us each time we say "Chevrolet" or "Chevy". Though, if there was some reasonable way to do it, they would.
  6. I think currently, kits are difficult to find anywhere. Here in the States, Toys R Us no longer stocks model car kits at all. The only place I can find a kit is at the old LHS and their selection is a bit limited. When I was a child back in the '70s, car kits were everywhere, even local drug stores carried them. But that's the way it goes, thak a few decades off to raise a family, and whammo! the whole world changes. But that makes finding that desired kit that much more rewarding.
  7. Congratulations! Exciting times ahead for you with your new house. Good luck on the job search.
  8. Awsome! It's hard to believe there's a Caddy in there somewhere.
  9. WOW! What a fantastic thing for Revell to do. The instructions tell you so much more than any photo ever could. Thanks for the link.
  10. That's about as good as it gets! Very Sharp!
  11. I can almost hear that throaty exhaust burble and smell those unburnt hydrocarbons! Excellent!
  12. Thanks to everybody for all the kind comments. David G.
  13. Very nice use of the "plain and simple retro custom" look!
  14. And that's the way they were! Everything about it just seems right.
  15. Thanks for the kind comments, guys. I plan on smoothing out the paint some more today. And, if I can work up the courage, I'll try some Testors Metalizer for the first time on the hubcaps. Removing the sprue marks just ate up too much of the plating to cover with the traditional silver paint. They've been soaking for a couple of days and should be de-chromed by now.
  16. Come to think of it, I once had a '71 Toyota Corolla wagon that had the modern style 3 point uni-belt as did all the '70 to '72 Superbeetles I've owned over the years. I guess the US automakers were a little behind the curve I do use the lap belt in the Olds, but the shoulder belt is anchored so high on the B pillar that I feel it would run right across my neck during a rapid deceleration event. I'd love to update the belt system in that beast.
  17. Wow, low 9's is pretty hot for a weekend warrior! With that induction set-up you're using, I don't doubt it for a moment. I sometimes wonder what that old Chevelle of mine could've done. The Delta 88 I have now has a very mildly built 350 and it'll finish a quarter in just under 15 sec (unofficial) coming out of second gear at about 75 mph. My old Chevy felt quite a bit faster than the Olds does, so maybe in the 10 to 12 range. Once you get yours done and out on the track, if you could have have somebody shoot some video of a couple of passes, I'd love to see it run! I'm sure that's some distance into the future, but wow!
  18. I've been using a polishing kit that I purchased at my LHS. It contains six sheets that are similar in size and weight to dryer sheets. They are color coded and range from 30 micron down to 1 micron. I've been using these for some time now and I'm pleased with the results I've obtained with them. My question is: How do "microns" compare to "grit"? The sheets are rated at 30, 15, 9, 3, 2, and 1 microns. What would be an equivalent grit rating for each of those sheets? Thanks, David G.
  19. Thanks for the tip. I'm not sure if I'll use it or not, but it's a good thing to know. If you get the chance, please post some pics of of what you've done with your Starliner. I always like to see what different folks do with the same kit. Thanks for the kind comment.
  20. Thanks, I'm really enjoying this kit. It's got a few issues. The frame was a bit warped, pulling the left rear wheel off the ground, but I managed to get it mostly straight by applying pressure in the right direction while holding it under running hot tap water. Gluing the frame to the chassis plate pulled the rest of it in line. I still have the second engine to build too! Is the '61 Starliner much different from the '60? Is it too different to convert from a '60?
  21. Thanks for the comment! On the seat belt matter, I had a '71 Pontiac Ventura that only had lap belts. Also, in the '71 Delta 88 I currently have, the shoulder belts are a seperate piece each with its own buckle on the seat. Given that they're bolted right to the B pillar with no retractors or tensioners, I refuse to use them. That also makes me think that they're a dealer add-on. Maybe there was a "phase-in" period? Anyway, I didn't want to bother to put them in, and in 1960, it's possible that they may not have been there... though in all likelyhood they were. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it! ...I think I just hijacked my own thread...
  22. First, I have to tell how tremendously impressed I am by the work you've done up to this point. I can't wait to see the finished projects. Second, I have a fondness for old Chevelles. The first muscle car that I owned was a '71 or '72 Chevelle that I had put a dual-quad 427 Corvette engine in. With the stock rear suspension, I had to ease it up to about 40 mph before I could really put my foot in it, otherwise, I would just sit there spinning the wheels. I envy the fun you'll be having with yours! What are your plans for your 1:1, daily driver, weekend warrior at the local track? Of course, there's always just cruising around basking in the coolness! Keep up the good work! David G.
  23. Very cool! As a parts box build, it's like a "Buy a couple dozen, get one free!" sale.
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